Arachnoid Stalker
Arachnoid Stalker Information
Affiliation Robots
Armor 5 inches Tenatium
Power Source Magnetized Nuclear Plasma
Weapons Mini Tick Bot
Armor-Cutting Chainsaws
N-beam Projectors
Laser Drills
Paralysis-Causing Computer Virus Injectors
Cockpit ejects as a Mini Jet Pod
Pilot Devastator
Status Active
Location Deep Jungle

The Arachnoid Stalker, also called Battle Arachnoid, Arachnoid Crawler, and Arachnoid Walker, is a small, six-legged Battle Machine. It has been called the 'next generation of Shadow Crawler', due to its arthropod-like appearance and six legs.


Arachnoid Stalker2

The Arachnoid Stalker in action

The Arachnoid Stalkers were first used in a battle in the Deep Jungle against the River Dragon, Chameleon Hunter and Assault Tiger and later they were used to make an attack that almost wiped out the Golden City after the Exo-Force team had left to rescue Sensei Keiken.


If you thought Shadow Crawlers were tough, meet the next generation. The Arachnoid Stalker may be small, but each one packs the speed, strength and firepower of a full-sized battle machine…and they attack in swarms. Descending from the treetops on mecha-steel web-strands, they use magnetic clamps to latch onto an Exo-Force battle machine and inject a paralyzing computer virus into its systems. They can even attack from a distance with a stealthy Mini Tick Bot, and eject their cockpits as Mini Jet Pods

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The Arachnoid Stalker as a set


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