Exo-Force Team Split Mountain Era

The first wave of the Split Mountain Era Battle Machines.

Battle Machines are the giant robot-like vehicles that the humans and robots use for battle. The majority of them are bipedal humanoid walking units, but occasionally there are ones on wheels or flight-based ones that have no land capability. 

Generally a bipedal battle machine would feature two arms, one with a melee weapon and one with a long-range or medium-range cannon. Most would also feature some sort of heavy weapon like a rocket or a missile mounted on the long-range arm or above the cockpit. Many battle machines also featured some sort of float-system or rocket boots in the feet to enable flight.



The control panel of a Stealth Hunter

The first battle machines that we know of were created by the humans in the Golden City. among these were the Cyclone Defender, Blade Titan, Sky Guardian, and Golden Guardian. The purpose of the battle machines were unknown. (Joev14 tries to create a reasonable explaination in his fanfic Book 2: Golden City Origins).

Golden City Battle Machines 2

The first wave of Golden City Battle machines, the Blade Titan, Sky Guardian, and Cyclone Defender.

At the beginning of the exo-force series we hear of a later series of battle machines, the first wave of the Split Mountain Era of battle machines, Stealth Hunters, Uplinks, Gate Defenders, and the flagships of this series, the Grand Titans. A smaller second wave of human battle machines were released including the MDT, the White Lightnings, the Supernova, and the Silent Strike.

After the humans moved to the Golden City, they discovered several Golden City battle machines, and using the design of these, Ryo constructed a second wave of Golden City Battle machines of his own, including the Aero Booster and Blazing Falcon.

After the capture of Sensei Keiken, the humans constructed their final wave of battle machines in the Deep Jungle Era, the Assault Tiger, the Chameleon Hunter, the River Dragon, and the HRT.

Human Battle Machines

Sentai Fortress Repair bay 2

A lineup of the most commonly used human battle machines. From left to right. Gate Defender, Stealth Hunter, Grand Titan, and Uplink.

C-Type battle machines (Combat)

A-Type battle machines (Air)

Aero Booster

The Aero Booster, one of the most advanced pieces of flight technology ever built.

AT-Type battle machines (Assistance and Technology)

W-Type battle machines (Water)

L-Type battle machines (Land)

Robot Battle Machines

Thunder Fury 2

A Thunder Fury, the flagship of the Robot Ground Army

The Robots designed their first wave of battle machines off of Mining Vehicles, simply upgrading them by adding weapons. They also used human prisoners, like Takeshi's father Yukio, to build higher class battle machines like the Sonic Phantom, Raging Storm, and the Bridge Walker. It is unknown how the Striking Venom was produced.

The robots' Golden City Battle Machines' origin is unknown, since they no longer had humans to think of designs, it's unknown how they could have produced new technology. The same goes for the Deep Jungle wave of battle machines.

Split Mountain Era

Comic 3.Sonic Phantom

A Sonic Phantom, the primary aerial Battle Machine used by the robots.

Golden City Era

Deep Jungle Era

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