Blazing Falcon
Blazing Falcon Information
Affiliation Humans
Armor 10 inches Zaylium
Power Source Magnetized Oroniate
Weapons Rocket Launcher
Twin Missiles
Laser (mounted on cokcpit)
Gold Hands with Titanium Razor Claws
Pilot Ryo (formerly)
Status Active and In Use
Location Golden City

The Blazing Falcon is the first and currently the only of Hitomi's Battle Machines.


The Blazing Falcon being refueled

The Blazing Falcon is the first and so far the only of Hitomi's Battle Machines. It was originally constructed by Ryo for himself, but Hitomi ended up piloting it. The Blazing Falcon was used in several battles with the robots. Hitomi used it to rescue Ha-Ya-To, and was used (and badly damaged) during the Golden City Attack.


The Blazing Falcon was strangely not colored green like you would expect it to be if Ryo was meant to originally pilot it, rather it is colored orange and white with small bits of gold.

Set Information

The Blazing Falcon as a set

  • Released: Late 2007
  • Item Number: 8108
  • Apx value if sold separately: $15.00
  • Pieces: 1009 with the Mobile Devastator
  • Exo-Code Brick (white): XFGJPXKE (different sets received different codes)
  • Price: $90 USD With the Mobile Devastator



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