Blazing Hunter
The Blazing Hunter
Blazing Hunter Information
Affiliation Humans
Armor Heavier then a Stealth Hunter
Power Source Power Core (Weapons)

Turbine Engine (For the Fly)

Weapons Laser-guided ionic rocket
Fragmentation cannons
Rail rifle
Galvanic drill and disruptor array
Sonic shatter blaster
Pilot Hikaru
Status Unknown
Location Unknown

 The Blazing Hunter is a Combination Model of the Stealth Hunter and an Fire Vulture.


The Blazing Hunter was first seen after Hikaru's Stealth Hunter was badly damaged in battle. To return the Stealth Hunter to the battle, Exo-Force engineers upgraded it with parts from wrecked Fire Vultures and named the new battle machine the "Blazing Hunter". It was equipped with more weapons, heavier armor and better flight capabilities than the Stealth Hunter.

Set Information

The Blazing Hunter was a combiner model of Stealth Hunter and Fire Vulture. Its instructions were released in the Lego Magazine. Robot Reaper 1.0 and Blazing Hunter are both combiner models of Stealth Hunter and Fire Vulture, but use different pieces, and thus can be built simultaneously.

It has not been seen in the Exo-Force comics.

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