Blue Falcon
Blue Falcon
Blue Falcon Information
Affiliation Humans
Armor 5 inches Zaylium
Power Source Magnetized Oroniate
Weapons Lasers mounted to the sides of the cockpit

Electrical Power Cable (wasn't intended for weapon use)

Hyper-Blaster (removable from the Booster Pack)

Pilot Ha-Ya-To
Status likely Deactivated, if not then in use by another pilot
Location Golden City

The Blue Falcon is a smaller battle machine that can attach to a booster pack to become the Aero Booster.

In the Video Game, the Blue Falcon is shown wielding twin pistols similar to the one the Cyclone Defender has.

Although the name wasn't mentioned in the comics, the name was revealed in a special trivia that is unlockable by entering in all the Exo-Force codebrick numbers.

An interesting and undocumented play feature, the Blue Falcon can connect to the Combat Crawler X2, since it shares a similar connector as the Iron Condor II.

The yellow connector at the right of the cockpit is used to mount the laser cannon from the Aero Booster pack.

The Blue Falcon

The Blue Falcon with the removable Hyper-Blaster.