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Book 5: Race to the Golden City is the fifth book in the Exo-Force chapter book series.

The book was scheduled to release in September 2007, The Author of this Book is Allison Lassieur. Hitomi - Sensei Keiken's Granddaughter - wants to be a member of Exo-Force team. But Sensei thinks it's too dangerous and Takeshi doesn't think a girl belongs on the team. So Hitomi decides to prove them both wrong.


The storyline is centered around Takeshi and Hitomi, who disobey Sensei Keiken and leave the Golden City in search of another code.

Hitomi steals Ryo's new battle machine, the Blazing Falcon (this is a conflicting canon moment, as the comics say she took it when the Golden City was under attack, not to go in search of another code). She agrees to work with Takeshi, and they find a small village a little ways off from the Golden City.

They discover that it's not really a village, but only boards nailed together to look like a village. They find a ladder leading down into a massive room with computers, as well as a codebrick. They return to the surface to find that several Mobile Devastators are heading towards the Golden City.

Takeshi and Hitomi rush to help the humans in the fight, and they manage to defeat them when Hitomi remembers that a robot attacking her had stopped moving when she had set it to a certain frequency. They use this to their advantage and the robots are forced to retreat.


  • There are several Mobile Devastators instead of just one.
  • The author incorrectly calls the Mobile Devastators "Mobile Destroyers".
  • While the Mobile Devastator seems nearly indestructible, all the Mobile Devastators in the book are destroyed rather easily.
  • Hitomi steals the Blazing Falcon for a different reason than in the comics.
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