Bridge Walker
Bridge Walker5
Bridge Walker Information
Affiliation Robots
Armor 18 inches Tenatium
Power Source Twin Power Cores
Weapons A pair of multi-barrel laser cannons
Guided Rocket Launcher
A pair of high-power Laser Cannons
Pilot (Pilot) Meca One/Devastator
(gunners) 2 Devastators
Status Destroyed (if there were more than 3 then they were either destroyed or deactivated), Discontinued in production
Location Various Locations
"Armor Intact, Requesting Course of Action"
Devastators to Meca One [src]

The Bridge Walker was the largest bipedal robot battle machine in existence. It was used in only two notable attacks, the Bridge Walker vs. White Lightning and the Striking Venom Attack.


Bridge Walker

B.W.1's first appearence

First Use

The Bridge Walker was made in secret and was to be used in a covert attack on the humans using an old and unused bridge. It was created under the code name "B.W. 1", Meca One was to pilot it's first attack.

Due to its weight, Ha-Ya-To defeated it by causing it to unbalance, resulting it in falling off the side of the bridge.

Later Use

Bridge Walker4

B.W.2 and B.W.3 preparing to destroy Supernova

Later on, in the Striking Venom Attack, two more bridge walkers, B.W.2 and B.W.3, were used to finish off Supernova. After the battle was over, Ha-Ya-To and his group found a remaining Bridge walker, B.W.3 and defeated it, it is unknown if there were any other bridge walkers besides B.W.2 and B.W.3 used in the Striking Venom Attack.


This battle machine is the most heavily-armed and armored battle machine in the entire Split Mountain wave of robot battle machines, excluding the Striking Venom. It is powered by twin power cores. Because of this, an electrical current has the power to short-circuit the cores. According to Exo-Force Book 1: Escape from Sentai Mountain, Takeshi's father, Yukio, was actually the one to design this battle machine.

Set Information

The Bridge Walker

The Bridge Walker as a set

  • Released: 2006
  • Price: $50 USD (with the White Lightning)
  • Apx value if sold separately: $40 USD
  • Item Number: 7713
  • Alternative Model: Raven Attacker
  • Pieces: 632 (with the White Lightning)



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