Chameleon Hunter
Chameleon Hunter Information
Affiliation Humans
Armor 7 inches Zaylium
Power Source Magnetized Oroniate
Weapons Heat Tracking Missiles
Flame Thrower Cannon
Electro Shock Claw
Mini Jungle Bot
Radar Cloaking Device
Pilot Hikaru
Status Active and In Use
Location Deep Jungle

The Chameleon Hunter is fourth and the most recent of Hikaru's battle machines.


The Exo-Force Team received a message from Sensei Keiken and got new battle machines, the Assault Tiger, the River Dragon, the Hybrid Rescue Tank and the Chameleon Hunter. Hikaru was given the Chameleon Hunter, and the Exo-Force Team entered the Deep Jungle to rescue Sensei Keiken. While in the jungle, they fought against the new robot battle machines: the Arachnoid Stalker, the Dark Panther, and the Storm Lasher. During the battle, Hikaru demostrated the power of sight of the Chameleon Hunter while battling two Dark Panthers and used his new Mini Jungle Bot.


The Chameleon Hunter disappears!

The battle machine that Sensei Keiken built for him is designed for battle in and among the jungle trees. It’s a fast, silent short-range fighter that moves and strikes like a ninja commando, fading instantly from sight and sensors with the help of next-generation camo-phores built into its armor plating, then appearing out of nowhere to attack with its triple-pronged claw and flame blaster. The Chameleon Hunter is equipped with a mini-robot. Armed with twin mantis blades, the Chameleon Hunter’s agile mini-robot can pierce even the thickest robot battle machine armor to sabotage vital circuitry underneath. The Chameleon Hunter has the ability to turn invisible, even to robot sensors, and then reappear almost anywhere from within 100 yards of where it vanished.

Hikaru is used to soaring high above the ground, so piloting the ground-based Chameleon Hunter has been a real learning process for the Exo-Force team’s marksman. Though capable of short bursts of flight that resemble mighty leaps, the new battle machine that Sensei Keiken built for him is designed for battle in and among the jungle trees.

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The Chameleon Hunter as a set

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