Claw Crusher
Claw Crusher Information
Affiliation Robots
Armor 8 inches Tenatium
Power Source Magnetized Nuclear Plasma
Weapons Titanium Claw
Gatling Laser Cannon
Homing Missile
Pilot Devastator
Status Destroyed or Deactivated and Discontinued from production
Location Various Locations

The Claw Crushers make up the bulk of the Robot Golden City War force.


The Claw Crushers were first seen attacking Hikaru, Takeshi and Ryo during their search for Code Bricks and on various assaults to the Golden City. After the Golden City Attack the Claw Crushers weren't used and are presumed to be discontinued in production.


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A Claw Crusher in action!

The Claw Crushers make up the bulk of the Robot Golden City War force. A battle machine designed for use by a Devastator, the Claw Crusher is also mass-produced much as the Sentry was previously, though it's the same size as the sentry and produced at the same rate, it's actual design and appearance is much more like a thunder fury, it's weapon armament is the same, and the cockpit is well armored like the thunder fury, as opposed to the open-cockpit and controls of the Sentry; Though like the Sentry, it is considered expendable by the robots – therefore armor is sacrificed in favor of better armament. Claw Crushers are designed to attack en masse – so where one by itself might not seem overly formidable, dozens or hundreds working together are almost unbeatable.
Exo-Force - Claw Crusher

Exo-Force - Claw Crusher

Set Information


Claw Crusher as a Set

  • Year Released: 2007
    • Price: $8 USD
  • Item Number: 8101
  • Pieces: 99
  • Combinations: Iron Crusher
  • Exo-Code Brick (orange): XFHJN7ZF, XFXY35UU, XF565AKR3, XFJKQJAG (different sets received different codes)



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