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The Exo-Force Collector's Guide is a book that explains almost everything about the Exo-Force series during the Split Mountain Era.


The book explains the story of the Sentai Mountain, how humans designed robots and lived in peace with them, until Meca One rebelled and led the robot army agains the humans. The humans managed to fend them off, but at the cost of many lives. The robots rebuilt their mining vehicles into powerful Battle Machines, and used them to escape The Gorge and attack the humans once more. The Southern Half of the mountain was conquered, and even more humans were lost in the fight. However, the humans managed to construct several battle machines of their own, and Exo-Force was born. 

Humans (Exo-Force Team)

The book introduces the five main characters at the time of the Split Mountain Era: Takeshi, Hikaru, Ryo, Ha-Ya-To, and Sensei Keiken. The book goes on to explain their personalities, what battle machines they pilot, and reasons why they chose to fight the robots.


The book introduces the three different types of robots: Iron Drones, Devastators, and Meca One and his clones. It goes on to explain their intelligence level, their weaknesses, and what battle machines they pilot.

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