• A battle in the deep jungle
  • The edges of the deep jungle.
  • A base of the robots in the jungle.
The Deep Jungle was a large jungle at the base of the Sentai Mountain. It was infused with Golden City technology and was the site where Sensei Keiken was imprisoned by Meca One. This led to its being the field of Exo-Force’s final battle against the Robots.


A dangerous and forbidding tropical forest near the base of Sentai Mountain, full of pitfalls both natural and left behind by the ancient, long-vanished builders of the Golden City far above. Shrouded in a perpetual mist, the jungle is home to trees that grow much taller and stronger than any found elsewhere on the mountain…strong enough, in fact, to support even a battle machine’s immense weight. Only the most powerful weapons can dent their massive trunks.

Strange wildlife lurks in the branches and underbrush, constantly watching the machines that have invaded the dense jungle. There are no bridges connecting the mountain halves here. The only way for a land battle machine to reach the other side is to cross over the trunk of a gigantic fallen tree.

Somewhere deep within the jungle is the hidden outpost where Meca One was first built, a location known only to Sensei Keiken.

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