Following the events resulting in the defeat of the Mobile Devastator, the four best pilots of the exo-force team, Hikaru, Takeshi, Ryo, and Ha-Ya-To leave the Golden City to search for Sensei Keiken, who had recently been captured by the robots. They are attacked by several new robot battle machines. The story is never completed due to the sudden discontinuation of exo-force.


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Deep Jungle Era
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Exo-Force - Deep Jungle (2008) - Poster

A poster advertising the Deep Jungle era series, featuring Assault Tiger, Dark Panther and a captive Sensei Keiken. Strange silhouettes are on the top right, similar to LEGO's Life on Mars aliens. Other than prisoners in this poster, we'll never know what role they (or the other darkened minifigure) would play in the Deep Jungle era.

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