The Energy Sword of the Sky Guardian

The Energy Sword was a large, rectangular sword that supplemented its kinetic damage with electrical energy.



The Sky Guardian wielding the energy sword

The heart of energy blade technology is the combination of a precise sword blow and an almost system-wide short-circuit and burnout caused by the electric discharge in the target's circuitry. The blade of the sword alone would do considerable damage, but the electrocution makes it a truly formidable weapon. A static electric charge is built up on two thin, parallel rectangular plates suspended magnetically inside the sword's frame. Upon contact with an enemy Battle Machine's armor, a brief magnetic surge prevents discharge of the plates by moving them further apart, relying on the sword frame to create a large enough fissure to allow the plates to pass through. By the time the sword reaches further inside the armor, the plates have moved back together, and come into contact with wires, already cut and exposed by the frame. The two plates act as a capacitor and deliver an enormous power surge into the target's circuitry, fusing and short-circuiting nearly every system it encountered. After discharge, the wielder can recharge the plates with a few moments' respite likely gained from the target's damage.