Durring the Exo-Force years, Lego released a total of 5 Exo-Force books, although 7 were scheduled to be released. The last two were canceled (Book 6 was found at a scholastic book fair for about a week or two, but was never sold anywhere else, and was discontinued soon after it was published).

Book 1: Escape from Sentai Mountain

Book 2: Attack of the Robots

Book 3: Search for the Golden City

Book 4: Ghost of the Past

Book 5: Race to the Golden City

Book 6: Golden Doom (Discontinued and recalled soon after it was released)

Book 7: Jungle of Danger (Cancelled)


Secret of the Golden Tower

Collector's Guide

Exo-Force Sticker Book

Exo-Force Activity Book

Official Fanfic Series

A series written by Joev14 in an effort to fill in several mysterious blanks that were never filled in by the writers of exo-force before its sudden discontinuation.

Book 1: The Gorge (Released April 2012)

Book 2: Golden City Origins (Released May 2012)

Book 3: Peace Origins (Released June 2012)

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