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'Exocraft' Minecraft Sentai Mountain Project: Hey everyone! I am back once again. I've recently been talking with Eljay and Mesonak, two people involved in the well-known Biocraft: Chronicles (Bionicle Minecraft) Project, and they said they'd be more than willing to help me construct a replica of the Sentai Mountain. Anyone who wants to help out is welcome, just PM me on my talk page if you want to help out! You can learn more about the project here.


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May 13th 2013- This month we celebrate the 5th anniversary of Exo-Force's discontinuation. Not sure if that's a positive thing or a negative thing. :/

April 27th 2013- Melli has returned, and has been re-promoted to Moderator.

Jan 16th 2013- We've just crossed over the 300 page mark, as well as the 1100 image mark.

Jan 3rd 2013- I've recently been informed of a cancelled Deep Jungle set under the serial number 8116, which was going to be called the Jungle Thrasher. I was given some pictures by an anonymous user. I created a page since it was technically a set, or would have been if Lego hadn't had such bad sales.

Jan 1st 2013- Happy New Year Everyone, we've almost reached 300 content pages, keep up the good work!

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Aged and wise leader of Exo-Force, It was he who first designed Meca One, the robot who later led the rebellion against the human race. It was also Keiken who founded Exo-Force and helped design their first battle machines. For more, see Sensei Keiken

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