"The Fire Vulture, airborne and dangerous!"
Sensei Keiken to the Exo-Force team, Exo-Force Official Animated Promo
Fire Vulture
Fire Vulture2
Fire Vulture Information
Affiliation Robots
Armor 4 inches Tenatium
Power Source Power Core for weapons, Turbine Engine for flight
Weapons Flamethrower
A pair of Electro Claws
Shoulder-mounted Laser
Pilot Devastator
Status Destroyed or Deactivated and Discontinued from production (with the exception of one seen scavenging in the Sentai Fortress)
Location Various Locations

The Fire Vultures made up the main aerial attack force of the Split Mountain Era, they were largely produced and very effective, they could fly using a turbine attached to its back, allowing it to hover and move very quickly. They were piloted by a single Devastator Robot.


Fire Vulture

Fire Vulture

First Use

Two Fire Vultures were used in the first attack on a gate located on the bridge below the Tenchi Bridge, where they battled and were defeated by the Stealth Hunter.

Later Use

Many Fire Vultures were included in the Striking Venom Attack, several of which were defeated by Hikaru and Ha-Ya-To. After the Striking Venom Attack, the Fire Vultures were thought to have stopped being produced, and most were replaced by the newer and more effective Iron Condors, but one was seen scavenging the Sentai Fortress along with a Shadow Crawler and an Iron Condor in a later comic. It was shut down after the Exo-Force team defeated them.

Fire Vulture3

A Fire Vulture making it's entrance as it arises from the Gorge once again


The Fire Vultures were originally built for mining purposes, but after being forced into The Gorge they were refitted with flamethrowers and other weapons. They have a single Turbine Engine attached to the back of the unit allowing it to be airborne and attack humans from above.

Set Information


The Fire Vulture as a set



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