Gate Defender
Gate Defender Information
Affiliation Humans
Armor 3 inches Intractium
Power Source Unknown, possibly fuel or battery pack.
Weapons Mass Driver Cannon
Pilot Ha-Ya-To, others
Status One damaged, other 5 active
Location Damaged one in Sentai Fortress, 5 in Golden City

The Gate Defender is a small white battle machine that was mass-produced by the humans for small defensive positions.

Alone, it is a weak battle machine, as it was easily defeated when the R-1 Rammer attacked, but in larger numbers, the Gate Defender is a force to be reckoned with, as five of them were capable of defeating the Bridge Walker 3.


First Use

The Gate Defender shooting at a pair of Fire Vultures

One Gate Defender was piloted by Ha-Ya-To. It is the first Battle Machine he used. He fought with it against the Sentry II and the Robot Vehicle R-1 Rammer.

Later Use

Ha-Ya-To wasn't the only one to pilot a Gate Defender, along with Uplinks and Stealth Hunters, it was a mass-produced battle machine designed to attack in groups. Several were seen being used by other pilots being led by Ha-Ya-To during the clean-up after the Striking Venom Attack.

While several Gate Defenders were used during the move from the Sentai Fortress up to the Golden City, it's unknown if they were ever used after that.

Final Use

In the Book series, Ha-Ya-To was seen using it at the Golden City against an Iron Condor, but ran out of power and would have plummeted to his death if Hikaru hadn't saved him. He recieved the Aero Booster soon after.


The Gate Defender could be called the humans' Sentry II in terms of size and strength. The Gate Defender's armor is thin, as it is meant for speed, maneuverability and mass production. It can also fly.

According to Hikaru, the Gate Defender's speed and agility are at least on par with an Iron Condor, albeit its power source is not.

Set Information

Gate Defender as a Set

  • Released: 2006
  • Price: $30
  • Apx value if sold seperately: $5 USD
  • Item Number: 7705
  • Pieces: (402 with the Gate Defense Set)



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