The Golden City Computer Room is a room in the Golden City's Tower. This room contains a giant computer that was discovered by Ryo.

Sentai Motherboard Computer


Sentai Golden Tower (LEGO model)

The Sentai Motherboard Computer is a giant computer found in the Sentai Computer Room. The Exo-Force team can enter Code Bricks into the machine and unlock new Battle Machines.

Robot Hacking

When the robots first entered the Golden City, a devastator inside an Iron Condor attached a Micro Chip to the side of the Sentai Motherboard Computer which allow the robots to download any codes and files from the computer and sent the stolen codes & files to the robots' side of the mountian which gave the robots new knowledge and the advantage to defeat the Exo-Force team.

The robots would known exactly where the codebrick's location was also. Later on, Ryo had found and removed the buging device causing a Meca One clone (disguised as Sensei Keiken) to destroy the computer with a hammer and cause an electric shut down of almost all of the Golden City's defenses, but mainly affected the jamming field that was protecting the city from robot invasion.

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