"Yaaahhh! Come on robots, and be turned into scrap!"
Takeshi [src]
Grand Titan
Grand Titan
Grand Titan Information
Affiliation Humans
Armor 8 inches Intractium
Power Source Power Core
Weapons Gatling Laser Cannon
Pincer Sword
Twin Missiles
Pilot Takeshi
Status Short circuted, but still in one piece
Location Golden City

The Grand Titan was a large battle machine used by the humans. It was Takeshi's first mech.


The Grand Titan is nearly indestructible, therefore making it the main force in the front line. The Grand Titan was used often and was once disassembled to create the Mountain Warrior.

The Grand Titan was used during the attack on Sentai Fortress by the Robots and the Striking Venom. Takeshi, in a bold attack, tried to defeat the Striking Venom with a surprise attack using his EMP pulse pincers. However, this attempt failed when his plan backfired and the Grand Titan's power systems were overloaded and shut down. It was thrown back to Sentai Fortress. If it were not for the quick thinking of Hikaru in the Silent Strike, the Grand Titan, along with Takeshi, would have been destroyed.

Later, Takeshi came up with a plan to defeat the Striking Venom, by forcing his way through the robot battle lines and moving stealthily underneath the Striking Venom. He then finds the weak spot he had been looking for right underneath the head of the Striking Venom, he charges up his cannon, and fires (But first it backfires and the cable inside the cannon disconnects, and Takeshi was forced to open it up and reconnect it, then he shoots the Striking Venom). The blast rips through the thinner armor and blasts right through Meca One's legs, nearly killing him.

The Grand Titan was also used by Takeshi during the Search for the Golden City. When it was found, the Titan's system's were fried and it was deemed useless. Takeshi replaced his use of this battle machine with the Grand Titan.

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