"Lets go! Yahoo!"
―Ha-Ya-To [src]
Ha-Ya-To pic
Ha-Ya-To Information
Current battle machine River Dragon
Hair color Red (dyed bright red)
Eye color Green

Ha-Ya-To is a fighter pilot on the Exo-Force Team.



Ha-Ya-To (Split Mountain Form)

Fun-loving, adventurous, independent, a risk-taker. Ha-Ya-To deals with the war by turning it into his own personal action ride. He is addicted to the adrenaline rush of battle and usually has a joke on his lips no matter how bad the situation. A bit of a goofball and knows it, though not constant comic relief. Tendency to play things by ear occasionally gets him in over his head, but his laid-back attitude and general assumption that things will work out in the end often get him right back out again.


Though he's one of the four original main characters, he's often overlooked due to him only being the second best aerial pilot (the first being Hikaru). But he rarely talks about his early life, as his entire family (along with their industrial village) was destroyed in the second robot rebellion. Ha-Ya-To loves to fly, and he has ever since he was a child. Doesn’t matter if it’s the latest flying machine or an antique, as long as it gets him into the air. He’s at his happiest and most comfortable off the ground, even if it means robots are shooting at him.


Ha-Ya-To (Deep Jungle Form)

Ha-Ya-To fought bravely in the battle of Sentai Fortress, but never really got to be the hero he would have liked to be. After arriving at the golden city, Ha-Ya-To matured greatly, and though he still enjoys flying greatly, he's learned not to put himself at risk just to be able to feel the wind against his face. He got to pilot both the Golden Guardian and the Aero Booster and be a bigger part of the action, much to his enthusiasm. 

Always happy to break in a new battle machine, he's usually the first person to be asked to pilot prototype mass-production battle machines like the Gate Defender, Gate Guardian, and White Lightning. Has no experience at underwater battle, but that will have to change in a hurry. Ever since he acquired his new battle machine, the River Dragon.


"'Amphibious'? That had better be another word for 'flies really fast', or Sensei and I are gonna have words... once we’ve rescued him, of course."
"I don’t care what I have to pilot, as long as it flies and it’s fast!"

Battle Machines

  • Original Gate Defender (Location: Most likely at the bottom of the mountain after being destroyed by Striking Venom)
  • Original White Lightning (Location: Likely in the Golden City, deactivated)
  • Original Gate Guardian (Only one use, location and status unknown)
  • Original Golden Guardian (Location: Golden City status uncertain, for it has been shot down by three Shadow Crawlers, before being brought back to the Golden City for repairs made by Ryo.)
  • Aero Booster (Most likely in the Golden City, being used by another pilot)
  • River Dragon (In Use)




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