Iron Crusher
Iron Crusher 2
Iron Crusher Information
Affiliation Robots
Armor Unknown, presumed Tenatium
Power Source Unknown, presumed magnetized Nuclear Plasma
Weapons Titanium Claw
Ion 6-barrel cannon
Rocket Launcher
Destroyer Disc Launcher
Foot-Mounted Sickle Claw
Prison Pod
Pilot A Devastator

The Iron Crusher was used for an online promotional video.

The set uses pieces and components from the Claw Crusher, Iron Condor, and Shadow Crawler.


Built from the frames of three dangerous robot battle machines, the unstoppable Iron Crusher is a force to be reckoned with at the top of Sentai Mountain. With its reinforced armor and powerful weaponry, it has been programmed with one sole purpose: to crush Exo-Force´s best defenses and smash the walls of the Golden City. Only the Sky Titan can stand against its might.

LEGO Exo-Force - The Ultimate Battle

LEGO Exo-Force - The Ultimate Battle

The Iron Crusher versus the Sky Titan.

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Building Instructions

File:Iron crusher.pdf

Here are the instructions for the Iron Crusher.

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