Iron Drone
Iron Drone Information
current battle machine Storm Lashers
colors bronze

The Iron Drone is the most common type of robot. They are strong and durable and designed to withstand extreme amounts of punishment. Their armor is about 0.75 inches thick and made primarily of steel coated in a very thin layer of bronze to allow it to resist medium-level heat conditions and laser fire.



Iron Drone (Deep Jungle Form)

The Iron Drone was originally a part of the humans' mining force before they rebelled. They do not have any conscious thought except for destroying all humans and are barely more intelligent than the battle machines they pilot. They are used as the "shield" which is a nickname for the main group of attackers, they are usually found on the ground without a battle machine and with a blaster, sometimes they pilot smaller battle machines, like the Sentry and Sentry II, the only large battle machine that has ever been piloted by an Iron Drone is the Storm Lasher.


The Iron Drones aren’t known for their personality: Their A.I. systems are extremely limited. They are very, very good at following orders, but terrible at improvising in an unexpected situation and not great at devising any kind of strategy. They tend to deal with every situation with overwhelming numbers and brute force. They are the “storm troopers” of the Exo-Force universe. In battle, the Iron Drones almost always lead the way, so the sight and sound of them approaching in their Sentry battle machines means immediate red alert.



An army of Drones is addressed by Meca One

Strong and durable, mass-manufactured and designed to withstand extreme amounts of punishment, the Iron Drone is the “workhorse” of the robot legion. The vast majority of the robots involved in this conflict are Iron Drones, and they pilot the seemingly endless and disposable smaller battle machines of the robot army, as well as acting as gunners and guards for some of the more complex machines.

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Iron Drone

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