The Magnalink
Magnalink Information
Affiliation Humans
Armor Unknown, presumed Intractium
Power Source Power Core
Weapon Batteries
Weapons Twin-barreled plasma torch
Mega pulse cannon
Pilot Ryo
Status Unknown
Location Unknown
Magnalink is one Combined Model. It is the Combination of the Mobile Defense Tank and the Silent Strike


With his Uplink battle machine badly damaged in a robot attack, Ryo has to act fast to save its vital data core! Using all of his engineering skills, he constructs a powerful armored frame with arm-mounted weapon that carry a twin-barreled plasma-torch and a mega pulse cannon. No longer a tiny scout and field repair machine, the all-new Magnalink is a mighty force to be reckoned on the battlefield!


  • Twin-barreled plasma torch
  • Mega pulse cannon

Set Information

The Magnalink can by built using the pieces of 7706 Mobile Defense Tank and 7709 Sentai Fortress (Silent Strike only).

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