"Humans are weak; the mountain should belong to us!"
―Meca One [src]
"Return Fire! and don't ever let him get that close to me again!"
―Meca One to his Devasators, inside B.W.1. after he had been blasted by Ha-Ya-To [src]
Meca One
Meca One Information
current battle machine Mobile Devastator
colors Gold (With black tint)

Meca One is the leader of the robot army. He is ruthless, cunning and cold, although he has been shown to have more emotion than the other robots. His first priority and goal is to take over the Northern half of Sentai mountain and make the humans his slaves. His armor material is unknown, though apparently very durable, due to its ability to withstand extreme heat, water, and even acid.


Meca One plans

The blueprints for Meca One, unlocked by a Code Brick

The first robot to rebel against the humans, Meca One is now the unquestioned supreme leader of the robot army. While he realizes humans created robots, he believes that the robots deserve to rule because they are smarter and more powerful. He also hates the fact that he was created by such obviously inferior beings, and harbors a particular hatred for Sensei Keiken, his original maker.

After the first defeat, Meca One constructed duplicates of himself as a safety measure. Each robot duplicate believes it is Meca One unless the true leader is present. The original Meca One unit is often referred to as 'Meca One Prime', due to it being the first one. This makes it more difficult for Exo-Force to simply target Meca One and try to end the rebellion that way. Meca One was somehow able to reproduce Golden City technology in his duplicates, rendering them immune to the city’s jamming field, but has not installed similar circuits in his minions (Devastators and Iron Drones). Presumably, this is because they might develop greater consciousness and rebel against Meca One’s own rule, or it may be too compliacted or expensive to reproduce at a high rate; or the technology itself may by default make them into another Mecha One clone.



Meca One is heartless, cold and arrogant. He feels no emotional connection to humans or to any of its own troops, but is uniquely prone to the occasional outburst of apparent rage or gloating. He sees himself as the ultimate robot and his own survival and rule is of the utmost importance.

Meca One's attacks

Meca One has made countless attacks on the humans, but the most notable and ones that very nearly succeeded are as follows:

Each of these, but especially the Striking Venom Attack, nearly obliterated the human forces and were only just barely stopped at the last minute.

Battle Machines


Meca One
Note: the minfigure for Meca One in the Striking Venom set does not include legs, though this is a packing error. Some (very rarely) Striking Venom sets did include legs, and those with sets missing Meca One's legs were to contact Lego in 2006-2007 for replacement legs.

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