Mobile Devastator
Mobile Devastator Information
Affiliation Robots
Armor 20 inches Tenatium
Power Source Magnetized Nuclear Plasma
Weapons Multi Shot Particle Beam Rifle
Gatling Laser Cannons
Hand Blasters
Several Laser Cannons
Prisoner Pods
Iron Drones
Pilot (Pilot) Devastator
(Gunner) Meca One
(MJP Pilots) 2 Devastators
(Infantry) 200 Iron Drones (6 in set)
Status Functional
Location Deep Jungle

The Mobile Devastator is the biggest of all the Robot vehicles, and often referred to as "The Mobile Command Center".


MblDevstr vs BlzngFlcn

The Mobile Devastator fighting the Blazing Falcon

First Use

The Mobile Devastator made its first attack mostly on its own, unlike the large strike force that was included in the Striking Venom’s attack. The Mobile Devastator simply drove across the bridge to the front of the Golden City and blasted its way through the gate, at which point it drove in and deployed several troops that were quickly overcome. However, due to Ryo's improvised portable jammer, the troops shut down and the Mobile Devastator retreated.

Later Use

After being defeated by the humans, the robots retreated in the Mobile Devastator into the Deep Jungle. Its tracks were seen by the humans, however, and they gave pursuit. Due to the sudden discontinuation of Exo-Force, it's unknown what happened to the Mobile Devastator after this.


The LEGO model comes with 6 Iron Drones, though in the comic, it supposedly carried over 200 Iron Drones to attack the Golden City.

The Mobile Devastator is the largest robot battle machine in existence, it is essentially a mobile fortress used to carry hundreds of troops (in the actual set it can carry the 6 that comes with the set, plus you can take more drones and fit about 12 more of them inside the main bay door), It has two different modes, the first, is for fast movement and high defense, where the “head” (the giant turret) is folded down, the side bay doors are closed, and the rear turrets are up in a defensive mode. The second mode is a more offensive mode, the turret is lifted up for large attacks, and the sides of it can be spread out to deploy two small Mini Jet Pods. The side doors can open up and deploy 'hundreds' of Iron Drones.

LEGO EXO FORCE 2007 Mobile Devastator Commercial 2

LEGO EXO FORCE 2007 Mobile Devastator Commercial 2

Exo-Force Mobile Devastator Promotional Video

Set Information


Mobile Devastator as a Set

  • Year Released: 2007
  • Price: $90 USD
  • Item Number: 8108
  • Pieces: (1009 with the Blazing Falcon)
  • Alternative Model: Robot Flyer



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