"One battle machine with the strengths of both..."
Ryo [src]
Mountain Warrior
Comic Mountain Warrior
Mountain Warrior Information
Affiliation Humans
Armor 6 inches Intractium
Power Source Twin Power Cores
Weapons Gatling Laser Cannon

Mounted Blades (used for flying into enemy battle machines and piercing their armor)
Laser Rifle

Pilot Takeshi
Status Disassembled and likely to never be built again due to the Grand Titan's destruction
Location None (disassembled)

The Mountain Warrior is the combination of the Stealth Hunter and the Grand Titan. It was a project Ryo embarked upon as an experiment.


Moutain Warrior

The mountain warrior in action

First Use

After Hikaru's Stealth Hunter and Takeshi's Grand Titan were both badly damage in combat, they were sent to the repair bay, where Ryo tried to get them working again. Hikaru asked why they haven't got a Battle Machine with the armor and strength of the Grand Titan and the speed and accuracy of the Stealth Hunter. This made Ryo think of building a battle machine together with the working parts of both damaged battle machines.

Ryo started with building the Mountain Warrior but was interrupted by Sensei Keiken who thought that two battle machines seperately would have more of a chance to fight the robots and ordered Ryo to put the Stealth Hunter and Grand Titan back together. Ryo didn't follow Keiken's orders and finished the Mountain Warrior.

When Ha-Ya-To was battling the robots who launched a surprise attack, the Mountain Warrior appeared and forced the robots to retreat. After this the Mountain Warrior was disassambled, but Ryo added modular circuits to the Grand Titan and Stealth Hunter, if they wanted to build the Mountain Warrior again in a hurry. Though due to the destruction of the Grand Titan, it's unlikely that it will ever be constructed again.


The Mountain Warrior was created when Ryo, seeing that both battle machines were heavily damaged, used parts from the Grand Titan and Stealth Hunter to create a battle machine. He wanted it to have the firepower and armor of the Grand Titan, and the speed and flying abilities of the Stealth Hunter.

Set Information

Mountain Warrior is the Combination of 7700 Stealth Hunter and 7701 Grand Titan



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