Sentai Mountain (Before being split)

The Sentai Mountain during the Peaceful Era

The Mines

The Robots and humans working together in the mines

The Fields

Humans and Robots working together in the Fields

The Era in which humans and robots lived in peace with each other, this preceeded the events in which the robots rebelled.

Robot and Human Harmony

Before the well-known rebellion of the robots, the humans and robots worked together in peace, the robots would do hard jobs that humans would take longer to do, or even couldn't do. The humans would use the materials they gathered from the fields and mines and used them to repair and build new robots. But one day, something went wrong. The humans built a new robot, Meca One, who was far more advanced and was built to lead the robots. He didn't have the same artificial intelligence, and was designed to think on his own, and eventually, he stopped following the orders he was given by the humans. He led the robots in an attack against the humans. During this war, strange powers were unleashed and the Sentai Mountain was split in two, the robots were soon forced into the pit between the two halves of the mountain known as The Gorge. The humans then reconnected the two halves of the mountain using large bridges, and continued on without the robots to help them. In The Gorge, the robots transformed themselves, constructing weapons and building onto the Mining vehicles, such as the Vulture Drone and the Fury Digger, soon the robots led an attack against the humans, and were able to take many humans prisoners, as well as take over the southern half of the mountain.


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Split Mountain Era
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