"Fascinating...the Raging Storm's capabiliaties exceed even my own calculations..."
Meca One to himself while watching the Raging Storm demolish several Fire Vultures and Thunder Furies [src]
Raging Storm
Oh no
Raging Storm Information
Affiliation Robots
Armor 7 inches Tenatium
Power Source Twin Power Cores
Weapons Gatling Laser Cannon
Ion Cannon
Electro Shock Claw
Missiles (powered by Power Cores)
Pilot (Pilot) Devastator

(Gunner) Devastator

Status Destroyed and Presumably discontinued in production
Location None (Destroyed)

The Raging Storm was a large Battle Machine created by combining a Thunder Fury and a Fire Vulture - though, in the comics, they make it seem like it was built from several different Battle Machines.


Raging Storm2

Target Acquired!

The Raging Storm was built and tested in the Robot Fortress, and was used in an attack on the Sentai Fortress. Its testing was of a peculiar nature: it was set loose, remotely controlled by Meca One, on the interior of a robot hangar bay, against the building's defense systems and several other Battle Machines inside the hangar. It succeeded in destroying the hangar bay and all the opposing battle machines, at which point Meca One deemed it ready for combat and released the prototype against the Sentai Fortress. It destroyed the Sentai Gate with a single laser beam and seemed unstoppable. The Grand Titan had recently been heavily damaged in a battle and was not able to fight. In order to address the threat, Sensei Keiken revealed a new high tech battle machine to Takeshi, the Supernova. Takeshi used it and along with Hikaru they were able to defeat the Raging Storm by over heating its energy cores. It is currently unknown whether or not Meca One ever constructed any more of these Battle Machines.


The Raging Storm's design is much like that of a Fire Vulture, but more heavily armed and armored. It's powered by a dual power core, which, ironically, led to its destruction. According to Book 1: Escape from Sentai Mountain, Takeshi's father, Yukio, was the machine's designer.

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