River Dragon
River Dragon Information
Affiliation Humans
Armor 4 inches Zaylium
Power Source Magnetized Oroniate
Weapons Blaster Handgun
Cannon Arm/Mini Water Bot
Radar Cloaking Device
Pilot Ha-Ya-To
Status Active and In Use
Location Deep Jungle

The River Dragon is the sixth and final Battle Machine piloted by Ha-Ya-To.


River Dragon2.jpg

Ha-Ya-To used the River Dragon to enter the Deep Jungle and attempt to rescue Sensei Keiken. In the Jungle, the Exo-Force Team was ambushed by three Arachnoid Stalkers, and later two Dark Panthers. During the battle, the River Dragon grabs hold of one of the Arachnoid Stalkers and submerges it in a nearby pool of water.


The first time he saw the new battle machine that Sensei Keiken designed for him, Ha-Ya-To thought it looked kind of puny. Then he climbed inside, and now he isn’t sure why he ever would have wanted to pilot anything else. The River Dragon’s omni-directional antigravity turbines let the daredevil ace maneuver through the air like never before, and its compact size means that he’s pretty much the only thing that can fly beneath the heavy jungle canopy. What’s even better is that it can operate underwater just as well as on land and in the air, and its dragon-scale camouflage coating helps it slip right past robot sensors to hit them where they least expect it. It’s even got a transforming mini robot that can go anywhere Ha-Ya-To can!

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The River Dragon as a set

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