"My shoulders bear the weight of all that Meca One has done. All that I can do now is try to prevent him from achieving his dark goals."
―Sensei Keiken
Sensei Keiken
Sensei Keiken pic
Sensei Keiken Information
Current battle machine Hybrid Rescue Tank
Hair color Gray
Eye color Brown

Sensei Keiken is the current leader of Exo-Force, creator of the Stealth Hunter, Grand Titan, Gate Defender, the Original Uplink model, and grandfather of Hitomi.

He is the oldest (living) member of the Exo-Force team.


Wise, stern and paternal, both a father figure and a strict teacher to the pilots of Exo-Force.



Keiken (Deep Jungle Form)

Sensei Keiken

Sensei Keiken in his full appereance

Aged and wise leader of Exo-Force, Keiken has a long history. It was he who first designed Meca One, the robot who later led the rebellion against the human race. It was also Keiken who founded Exo-Force and helped design their first battle machines. Stern, paternal and firm in his convictions and universally respected, Keiken provides the guidance the young pilots need. 

At the end of 2006, Keiken made the decision that Exo-Force was too vulnerable in Sentai Fortress and that they needed an “edge” to defeat the robots. He sent Hikaru, Takeshi, and Ryo to find a legendary golden city, said to be located on the top of Sentai Mountain. Due to his experiences in the jungle as a younger man, he knew the city was no myth, and its technology no legend…knowledge that has now come back to haunt him.

Though noble and wise, Keiken is not without his flaws. He is burdened by the guilt of having created the very first robot – Meca One – that originally rebelled and led the robot revolution years ago. He is also very protective of his granddaughter, Hitomi, whose parents died in the robot war. He tried to keep her from becoming a battle machine pilot to keep her safe, but eventually he was forced to acknowledge that she made a skilled and irreplaceable part of the Exo-Force team. Despite their shaky relationship, he respects her intelligence and skill and has named her as his successor as commander of Exo-Force.

Keiken believes that stopping Meca One is more important than his own survival, though he is far less willing to sacrifice his students than himself.

Sensei Keiken in Sentry II

Sensei piloting a Sentry II during training

Battle Machines

  • A Sentry II (Used for training)
  • Silent Strike (He never piloted it, but in his information logo the battle language for Silent Strike, A04 was printed in the upper corner)
  • Hybrid Rescue Tank (gunner cockpit) (Included in the set, though he never was seen piloting it in the comics)


Keiken is the japanese word meaning "Experience"


Sensei Keiken
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