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Sentai Golden Tower

A large tower positioned in the center of the city that has a large laser beam coming out of the top. That beam is what originally cloaked the City. It consists of three levels, the roof, the Golden City Computer room, and the Codebrick room.


Shrowded in mystery, even after the end of exo-force, there were several unanswered questions about the city, it's technology is still greater then that of the exo-force battle machines, and it was built several centuries before. It appeared to have used battle machines as defense, as shown in comic 26, but it's unknown what the power source of these were, or what weaponry they had. The city has several underground laboratories, one of which was explored by Ha-Ya-To in Book 4: Ghost of the Past. Also in this book, we saw more battle machines, some of them built and inlaid with real gold. Though even through this book we still know very little of the city's past. (Joev14 tries his best to create a working idea of the city's past in Book 3 of his fanfic series.

Sentai Golden City Motherboard Computer

Golden City Motherboard computer edited

The Golden City Motherboard Computer

A massive computer dicovered by Ryo that can have codebrick codes typed into it to access special files, new Battle Machines, and much more.


When the robots first entered the Golden City, a devastator inside an Iron Condor attached a magnetic Micro Chip to the side of the Golden City Motherboard Computer, allowing any codes and files downloaded, uploaded or entered, to be sent to the robots' side of the mountian, making it so whenever the humans located a codebrick, the robots would known exactly where the codebrick's location was also. later on, Ryo and Hitomi removed it by reversing its polarity and deactivated it. However, a replica of Meca One (disguised as Sensei Keiken) went to the computer and demolished it with a sledgehammer, which powered down most of the Golden City's defenses.

It can be assumed that the computer got repaired after the Golden City Attack.

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