"There must be hundreds of them!"
Takeshi [src]
Comic 10.5.s.c
Sentry Information
Affiliation Robots
Armor 2 Inches Tenatium
Power Source Unknown
Weapons Surge Cannon
Missile (2x)
Pilot Iron Drone
Status Discontinued
Location Tenchi Bridge
Several Bridges

Sentries were small mass-produced battle machines and the bulk of the robot ground invasion force during the Split Mountain Era. They were used in nearly every attack made by the robots during that time. They were usually led by a Thunder Fury or Fire Vulture - or both - and often used either in quick hit-and-run attacks or as a virtually moving wall that protected the more crucial attack units from being damaged in the first waves of battle. Each Sentry was piloted by a single Iron Drone robot.


First Use

Several Sentries were used in an attack on a gate that took place just below the Tenchi Bridge. Most, if not all, of them were destroyed by Takeshi the Grand Titan.

Later Use


A large group of Sentries

Many Sentries were included in almost every attack made by the robots. They were used extensively even after the introduction of the Sentry II. It was only until after the Striking Venom Attack that they were no longer produced, having been replaced by the more efficient and powerful Claw Crushers.

Technical Information

Sentries were relatively small for a battle machine, standing roughly three times the size of a standard robot. They were the size of Uplink, a small human battle machine. The cockpit armor covered only half the pilot and had no protective glass of any sort. This left the Iron Drone pilot very exposed, as it allowed a clear shot to its head or upper torso.


The Sentry, a mass-produced robot battle machine

Sentries had bulky light brown armor on their shoulders, torso and the lower section of their legs. The arms of a Sentry were black and were short, thin and had very little mobility. Instead of elbow joints or hands, they had built-in weapon systems; missile launchers with a pair of grey missiles with transparent light green tips on the right arm and a large black surge cannon on the left. For the Striking Venom Attack, however, several Sentrys' weapons were modified. Notable examples were one with twin blasters mounted on each arm and another with missiles on the left arm and four short blasters in a cluster on the right, much like that of the humans' Grand Titan.

Set Information


The Sentry as a set

  • Released: 2006
  • Price: $5 USD
  • Item Number: 7711
  • Pieces: 78
  • Alternative Model: Cannon Sentry



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