Shadow Crawler
A Shadow Crawler
Shadow Crawler Information
Affiliation Robots
Armor 10 inches Tenatium
Power Source Magnetized Nuclear Plasma
Weapons Ion Cannons
Double-Barrel Laser Cannon
Destroyer Disc Launcher
Prisoner Pod
Pilot Devastator
Status Deactivated and Discontinued from production
Location Various Locations

Shadow Crawlers are three-legged, heavily armed robot battle machines. Their legs have magnetic tips, allowing them to scale walls and hang from ceilings.


First Use


A Shadow Crawler opens fire

The Shadow Crawlers were first seen in their mission to track down and destroy Takeshi, Hikaru, and Ryo on their mission to find the Sentai Golden City. They were driven off by the trio.

Later Use

The Shadow Crawlers have participated in battles such as the battle of the Golden City. This was the final Robot assault on the city and the one where the Mobile Devastator was used. Shadow Crawlers entered the city during the assault. The Shadow Crawlers and the Robots were defeated by the Humans and were not seen again.


One of the most insidious robot battle machines ever invented, the Shadow Crawler takes the war between human and machine to a new and sinister low. Mounted atop each Shadow Crawler is a Prison Pod, normally containing either a captured Exo-Force pilot or other human captive. This effectively prevents Exo-Force from concentrating all its power against these battle machines, for fear of hurting the human prisoners. Armed with laser cannons and Destroyer Disc Launchers, the Shadow Crawler is also able to operate in full stealth mode and scale any surface. This makes it perfect for ambushing Exo-Force teams. It is piloted by a single Devastator robot.


Set Information

  • Year Released: 2007
  • Price: $15 USD
  • Item Number: 8104
  • Pieces: 147
  • Combinations: Iron Crusher
  • Exo-Code Brick (green): XFBCPFK9, XFUV6F7S, XF34ECHZ (different sets received different codes)


  • The Shadow Crawlers are mistakenly often drawn with four legs instead of three in the Comics.



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