"...There's a reason why they call this the Silent Strike."
―Hikaru speaking to himself as he creates a soundproof wall around the Silent Strike [src]
Silent Strike
Silent destroys sp
Silent Strike Information
Affiliation Humans
Armor 6 inches Intractium
Power Source Power Core
Weapons Multi-Round Laser Rifle
Mega Dual-bladed electro Sword
Laser (powered by light brick)
Pilot Hikaru
Status Nonfunctional, destroyed
Location Unknown

The Silent Strike was Hikaru's second battle machine, a battle machine similar to Supernova, only blue, with wings, different weapons and slightly shorter arms.


The Silent Strike was given to Hikaru as a reward for his successful mission on the robot side of the Mountain; saving Takeshi's family. It is a flying unit, and it participated in the defense of Sentai Fortress when the Striking Venom attacked it. Due to the fact it has lightweight armor, it is especially vulnerable. The Silent Strike was one of the three battle machines used in the search for the Golden City, after fending off the new robot battle machines, they found the Golden City. Unfortunately, the battle machine's circuits were fried and it was deemed useless. It was replaced by the Sky Guardian.


The Silent Strike is a large, blue, fast and lightly-armored battle machine. It is an aerial battle machine for Exo-Force. It was a replacement for the Stealth Hunter, both of which were commonly piloted by Hikaru. It is a slightly faster battle machine than the Stealth Hunter.

Set Information


Silent Strike as a Set

  • Released: 2006
  • Item Number: 7709-1
  • Alternate Model: Silent Wasp
  • Combinations: Magnalink
  • Pieces: 1448 (with the Sentai Fortress)
  • Price: $100 USD (with the Sentai Fortress)
  • Apx value if sold separately: $20 USD



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