Sky Titan
Sky Titan
Sky Titan Information
Affiliation Humans
Armor Unknown, presumed Zaylium
Power Source Unknown, presumed Magnetized Oroniate
Weapons Energy Sword
Gatling Laser Cannon
Particle Beam Rifle
Mounted Blades
Pilot Takeshi

 The Sky Titan was used for an online promotional video. It used components and pieces from the Sky Guardian, Blade Titan and Cyclone Defender.


Flying above the Golden City or defending its gates on the ground, the mighty Sky Titan is build for maximun speed and power. Forged from the parts of three powerful Exo-Force battle machines and armed with weapons of incredible golden technology, this legendary guardian may be humanity´s best hope to defeat the robot forces. Only the Iron Crusher rivals it in strength.

LEGO Exo-Force - The Ultimate Battle

LEGO Exo-Force - The Ultimate Battle

Who will win Sky Titan or Iron Crusher.

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