"Okay, Don't panic...remember what Sensei said about that craft...Four Engines...Laser Cannons...Rocket Launcher...Way too much armor...and way too fast!"
―Hikaru, while being chased by a Sonic Phantom [src]
Sonic Phantom
Comic 3.Sonic Phantom
Sonic Phantom Information
Affiliation Robots
Armor 6 inches Tenatium
Power Source Power Core for weapons, Turbine Engines for flight
Weapons Five Laser Cannons
Heat-seeking Rocket
Sonic Disruptor Amplifier
Pilot 1 Devastator
Status Destroyed or deactivated, production discontinued
Location Various Locations

Sonic Phantom was a very powerful air unit used during the Split Mountain Era. They were used by the robots and feared greatly by the human pilots. During the Golden City Era, they were replaced by the Sonic Ravens.


The Sonic Phantom was one of the first Robot Battle Machines that was not based on human mining vehicles. It had a sleek shape, with two turbines in the front and two more suspended on wings on either side of the cockpit. However, this battle machine was extremely rare - it is estimated that no more than six units were ever constructed.

First Use

Sonic Phantoms

Several Sonic Phantoms using their sonic amplifiers against the Silent Strike

The Sonic Phantom was first seen guarding a robot facility of which Hikaru was sent to take pictures. He was attacked and nearly defeated by the vehicle, but managed to outwit the Sonic Phantom.

Later Use

At least 3 Sonic Phantoms participated in the Striking Venom Attack, and were defeated by the Silent Strike. After the Striking Venom Attack they were replaced by the rarer, but more efficient, Sonic Ravens.


The Sonic Phantoms were powerful air units used during the Split Mountain Era, designed by the human engineer Yukio. With a top airspeed of 2,700 mph, they were feared greatly by the human pilots, especially Ryo, who vowed to create an effective countermeasure against them. His creation, the Mobile Defense Tank, proved its competency when it blew two Phantoms out of the sky using mini rockets. The Sonic Phantom was piloted by a single special-ops Devastator Robot. It was shown to use sonic disruptor amplifiers against the Silent Strike.

When Yukio was rescued, he revealed that the Sonic Phantom had a key weakness; its command circuitry was thinly armored, low in its fuselage. If an enemy could break through the armor, they could seize the wires and take temporary control of the unit, as Hikaru did in Book 1: Escape from Sentai Mountain. This discovery, combined with Ryo's countermeasure, reduced the Sonic Phantom from a mortal threat to another robot battle machine.

Set Information


Sonic Phantom as a Set

  • Year Released: 2006
  • Item Number: 7704
  • Price: $20 USD
  • Pieces: 215
  • Alternative Model: Speeder Phantom

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