Sonic Raven
Sonic Raven
Sonic Raven Information
Affiliation Robots
Armor 7 inches Tenatium
Power Source Most likely Magnetized Nuclear Plasma
Weapons Twin magnetic/heat seeking Rockets
Wing mounted lasers
Double-Barrel Laser Cannon
Pilot Devastator
Status Destroyed or Deactivated and presumably Discontinued in production
Location The first one was destroyed by Hitomi. The other two have been seen, attempting to escape the Golden Guardian's attacks. Their conditions are unknown, but it is possible for both of them to be damaged in the attack.

The Sonic Raven is an aerial Robot Battle Machine based on  the Sonic Phantom. The Sonic Raven is lighter, faster and has more firepower than its predecessor. The only reason it has not been mass-produced to the extent of the other battle machines is that it requires very rare minerals and metals to function. Because of this, only three at one time have been made.


The Sonic Raven's first use was on an assasination mission to track down and kill any guards protecting the Sentai Golden City Tower. Its mission failed when the humans revealed their new secret battle machine, the Golden Guardian as well the Golden Tower's hidden canon. Sonic Ravens were later used in the Golden City Attack.

It was also used to attack the Golden Tower when the humans were unprepared for battle. The method was used twice, the first time being repelled by Ha-Ya-To's Golden Guardian, and the second time by Hitomi with the Golden Tower's cannons.

Set Information


The Sonic Raven as a set

  • Year Released: 2007
    • Price: $50 USD (with Sentai Golden Tower)
    • Apx value if sold seperatly: $20 USD
  • Item Number: 8107
  • Pieces: (571 with the Golden Tower)



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