The sentai Mountain

The Split Sentai Mountain

Second Attack

In The Gorge, the robots rebuilt their army and attacked the humans again, attacking in two forces, one attacked the southern half, and one attacked the northern half. The humans wern't ready for the surprise attack, and they soon were forced back over to the Northern side of the Sentai Mountain. the humans were able to use technology to build powerful battle machines, and a middle-aged man named Sensei Keiken led a rebelion against the robots. The humans were able to maintain control over the Northern half, but the robots soon took over the Southern half. There were still humans on the Southern half of the mountian when the robots took over it, and the robots held many of them captive, including Takeshi's motherfather and younger sister.

Robot Rebellion Edited

Humans fending off Robots

During this era, many battles occured, including an attack by the robots using tunneling, The attack by the Raging Storm, the attack by B.W.1, and the Striking Venom Attack.


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