Storm Lasher
Storm Lasher Information
Affiliation Robots
Armor 10 inches Tenatium
Power Source Magnetized Nuclear Plasma
Weapons Lasers
Bladed Turbine Engines
Poison Tail Spikes
Mini Dragonfly Bot
Pilot Iron Drone
Status Active
Location Deep Jungle

The Storm Lasher is an aerial Robot battle machine utilized in the Deep Jungle. They were piloted by Iron Drones.


First Use

The Storm Lashers were first seen in the Deep Jungle where the Robot Battle Machines ambushed the Exo-Force Team. The Storm Lashers attacked Ryo, who was flying in his detached half of the HRT.


Storm Lasher2

The Storm Lasher

They hover above the tree tops, making sure nothing will rise above them. Based off previous models, the Sonic Phantom and Sonic Raven, it adds new features like hovering and being able to move vertically rather then just horizontally. They are most effective flying in groups. Storm Lashers are equipped with massive bladed turbine engines that can easily slice through battle machine armor and heat-blade mandibles precise enough to carve metal or capture a human prisoner without harm. They have enhanced sensors and long-range weaponry, so they are capable of attacking their target long before the prey can see their attacker. Their mini-robot recon drones scout nearer to the ground and are equipped with camera relays while their larger counterparts moniter from above.
StrmLshr Cockpit

A closeup of a Storm Lasher's cockpit

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The Storm Lasher as a set


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