Striking Venom
Striking Venom stabalizers
Striking Venom Information
Affiliation Robots
Armor 2 feet Tenatium
Power Source Power Core
Weapons Twin top mounted Gatling Laser Cannon Turrets
A top mounted Power Core laser
Several Lasers mounted all over the outside of the vehicle
Cockpit mounted Gatling Laser Cannon
Pilot (Pilot) Meca One
(repair area) 2 Iron Drones
(gunner) Devastator
(Legs) 4 Iron Drones
Status Heavily Damaged and most likely Deactivated
Location likely the Robot Fortress

The Striking Venom is the second largest Robot Battle Machine in existence, the largest being the Mobile Devastator. It was feared by all humans and was thought to be invincible, but was found to have a small weakness below its head, that being where it could not aim any of its weapons. It was severely damaged by Takeshi in the Grand Titan, who took full advantage of this blind spot.


Striking Venom Shadow

Striking Venom's first appearance

The Striking Venom was unveiled to the humans in the Robots largest attack ever, an attack on the Sentai Fortress, and led to the end of many robots. At the end, Takeshi found a weak spot under it's head and he and Hikaru learn the true meaning of teamwork, using the Grand Titan to rip through it's head and destroy it. It is unknown what happened to it's wreck, but it's presumed to have returned to the Robot Fortress.
LEGO Exo-Force - Sentai Fortress Striking Venom Commercial

LEGO Exo-Force - Sentai Fortress Striking Venom Commercial

Exo-Force Sentai Fortress/Striking Venom Promotional Video

Set Information


The Striking Venom as a set

  • Year Released: 2006
  • Price: $50 USD
  • Item Number: 7707
  • Pieces: 646
  • Alternative Model: Frontline Barricade
  • At least some European/Finnish sets had alternative parts for the dual cannons behind the cockpit and the single cannons under it. They also came with legs for Devastator despite the manual not showing their inclusion in the set.



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