"Sensei gave me this one, the Supernova. That's not the best news the Robots heard today"
―Takeshi [src]
Supernova Information
Affiliation Humans
Armor 10 inches Intractium
Power Source Power Core
Weapons Electro Trident
Double-Barrel Laser Cannon (powered by light brick)
Pilot Takeshi
A unnamed pilot of Takeshi's team piloted it during the Striking Venom Attack
Status Destroyed
Location Some pieces were used to build the Assault Tiger.

The rest remains on the bridge under the Sentai Fortress.

The Supernova was the second of Takeshi's Battle Machines and was a powerful battle machine that used solar energy as power source. It was destroyed in the Striking Venom Attack.


When Takeshi’s Grand Titan was unable to battle Sensei Keiken gave him the Supernova. When he left the Sentai Fortress he engaged battle with the robots. To stop the robots he melted two rocks together to gain a “gate”. However that wasn’t their biggest problem since the robot unleashed a new Battle Machine called the Raging Storm. After firing his blasters Takeshi saw that the armor was too strong to do damage to the robot. After this he used his Supernova together with the Stealth Hunter to let the Raging Storm attack them both on the same time. All the blast resulted in the feeder cable being broken.

An example of Supernova's Electro Trident capabilities

After the Raging Storm was defeated, the robots captured Ryo and took him to the robot side of the mountain. Takeshi and Hikaru immediately went on rescuing Ryo. After defeating the robots defenses, they were able to get Ryo back to the Sentai Fortress.

Later Use

Later on, the Supernova was assigned to another Exo-Force team member who fought in the Striking Venom Attack. While Takeshi was gone, the Supernova defeated several Sentries, Sentry II's and a Thunder Fury, got blasted off the edge of the main bridge by the B.W 2, the B.W 3 otherwise known as Bridge Walkers 2 and 3 and the Striking Venom's guns.

The pilot could barely escape before the Supernova was destroyed. The Supernova landed on the bridge bellow, but it had sustained, as Ryo put it "Unfixable damage". Its parts were used to help build Takeshi's newer battle machine, the Assault Tiger.


The Supernova battle machine had deadly solar energy weapons. It is most famous when it fought against the Raging Storm.

Set Information

The Supernova as a set

  • Released: 2006
  • Price: $20 USD
  • Item Number: 7712
  • Pieces: 283
  • Alternative Model: Nova Crawler



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