Swift Information
Current battle machine N/A
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown

Swift is a miner who Ryo rescued from the south side of the mountain, mentioned in the article on the Mobile Defense Tank. His name is never mentioned in the comics, though the one of the writers for Exo-Force, Greg Farshtey revealed his little-known name, Swift. He was trapped in the mine where he worked with Takeshi ever since the robots first malfunctioned. He survived by hiding in a maintenance locker and by avoiding robot patrols. Little to none is known on what he ate or drank in the mines.

Later, he became a gunner in the Sentai Golden City.


Exo-Force Comic 16


  • Swift is a member of the Assistance and Technology Unit of Exo-Force
  • Often Swift's minifigure is unofficially referred to as "Genki", who was planned to be a more fleshed out Exo-Force member, but was later dropped and made generic.
  • Regarding the minifigure, "Tech" is a job title or position, and not a name. The minifigure does not have any established name, character, or even gender. This makes it very easy to assume the identity of Swift from the comics.
  • The Tech minifigure is considered a nameless background stand-in, similar to random people in a crowd shot on a TV show or movie.
  • Swift has the same minifigure representation as Tech. The two minifigures are more or less interchangeable as far as the sets are concerned.
  • The Tech/"Genki"/Swift minifigures use Hikaru's normal and aggressive face designs, but without the visor, and Ryo's orange AT.01 uniform.

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