• Hola Joev. As you may know, since last year i've been working in retrieving the comics from the flash files you create, and turning them into full image pages, like the ones that use to be on in 2006 (I also can obtain the full side images). Well, now i'm working in a full chronology including the books, but if i want to create a non-canon conflict version, i'll need the books, i know you have them, so i want to ask if you could give me access to them, by scans or photos, to allow me to read them. Please budy, im "third world", if that thing even exist, so those books never ever EVER get here.

    You can see my work with the comics here: Cómics Exo-Force

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    • Hey there Tahu. Are you just needing the pictures, or are you asking for scans of the entire books? (That is quite a lot of pictures to take if you're wanting the entire books). Also, it's not entirely legal for me to redistribute the text involved in the books. Shoot me an email at in the future. I'm waaay more likely to respond there, since this wiki isn't really a part of my life anymore...

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