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The Exo-craft Logo

Exocraft is a project started by Joev14 in an effort to construct a realistic recreation of the famous Sentai Mountain - as well as The Deep Jungle, The Gorge, and Fields that surround the mountain - in Minecraft.

Key Locations planned

- The Sentai Golden City, Sentai Golden Tower, and Nightmare Lab

- The Sentai Fortress, Sentai Village, and Ryo's Labs

- The Abandoned Village and the Generator Room

- The Robot Fortress, and the Robot Construction Labs

- The Mines, and much more!

Construction and Dates

The Three Virtues, a group well known for their Biocraft Project and the recreation of the famous island of Mata Nui in Minecraft, have offered to help Joev14 in the construction of the Mountain. 

Work is scheduled to begin sometime in late May of 2013. Anyone who wants to help can contact Joev14 on his talk page.

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