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Released May 2012

To understand this story, it may be a good idea to read exo-force online comics 27-38

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Chapter 1


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Kye (pronounced KY) rushed down the steps that led to his house. He swerved round the corner at top speed, nearly knocking over a merchant that was selling fruit at the side of the road. He continued running down the street. Kye’s father had sent for him; Kye’s father was one of the most well-known scientists in the entire Golden City, and was currently working on a breakthrough discovery in the progress of renewable power. Kye came to a large building on the left side of town, he walked in, and a secretary at the front desk nodded her head, pointing at an elevator on the right side of the room. Kye entered it and pressed the button for the basement level, and he felt the elevator slide slowly down underground. The doors opened and he came into a large familiar room, his father’s experiment lab. He stared around; there were several large mechs, known as battle machines. There was one in particular that caught his eye, a red and white one with a massive golden cannon and shield, his father had dubbed it, “The Golden Guardian”. It used breakthrough technology that allowed it to fly short distances, even though it was extremely heavy because of all the real gold-platinum alloy that made up the shield, cannon, and some of the armor. His father had given Kye the privilege of testing it in the training arena, and he had been able to defeat even the Blade Titan, the Golden City’s main ground defense battle machine. Kye walked over to his father, who was typing around on a keyboard and smiling as he worked. He tapped his father’s shoulder. “Kye, good you’re here!” His father said, “We’ve found a way to channel the power of the sun and power a battle machine, and it’s got a strong enough battery that it can last for several hours, even if it’s not in direct sunlight.” His father pointed at the computer screen, and Kye looked at it. There were several lines of text that he didn’t understand, but there was a blueprint for a solar panel, it was coated with a thin layer of glass, and the light appeared to be magnified down into a solar panel underneath, it was very small, but because of the magnification, it was far stronger than the original beam of light. Kye turned to his father and said, “Have you tested it yet?” His father shook his head and said, “No, but that’s why I wanted you here. We’ve set up three of these panels on the Golden Guardian, one on the back of the shield, and two in the upper cockpit; I want you to test it out, since you did so well for the Golden Guardian’s first test run.” Kye’s eyes widened and he tried to hold in his excitement, his father didn’t need an answer, “Great! I knew you’d be excited, let’s get the Golden Guardian up to the surface and we can try it out in the arena!”

About thirty minutes later, the massive battle machine known as the Golden Guardian had been moved into the large training area known simply as, ‘The Arena’. Kye got up into the cockpit, and moved his hands over the two touch panels that were used to move the battle machine’s hands. Kye spoke through the battle machine’s speaker system and said, “Alright, I’m going to power up.” His father nodded and gave him a thumbs up, and Kye pressed a large orange button to his left. The battle machine shuddered a little, then its arms rose up from their sides and the legs moved into the same stance that Kye was in. That was his favorite part of the battle machine, due to the limited size of the cockpit, he wasn’t able to have movement detectors for the battle machine’s arms, but the feet of the battle machine had movement detectors and would act like his did. Kye moved the battle machine’s arms, testing to make sure they were working. The battle machine moved exactly the same way they did when they had the standard Magnetized Oroniate power source. He moved around a bit, and he looked up as the Blade Titan emerged from its gate on the other side of the arena. The pilot, Shyke (pronounced SHIKE), the best trained pilot in the city and well known for his piloting skills, glared at Kye from inside the cockpit. Kye thought to himself, “He’s still sore about last month when I defeated him with the Golden Guardian.” Kye’s father and his assistant rushed back through the gate. His father’s voice yelled over the speakers, “Three, Two, One, FIGHT!” Kye moved in a split second, using the battle machine’s short-range flight, he jumped up into the air, firing several shots from his cannon, just barely missing the Blade Titan’s left arm. Shyke dove to the left, wasting no time in unloading his heavy ammo on Kye, firing his four shoulder-mounted missile pods at Kye. The first two hit the Golden Guardian’s shield, but the next two slipped by and hit the cockpit, knocking Kye off his feet and causing the Golden Guardian to crash to the ground. Kye shook his head back and forth, dazed. Shyke had wasted no time, and was already half way across the arena, preparing to finish the Golden Guardian off. Kye stood back up again, swinging his shield in front of him for protection as the Blade Titan slammed into him. Kye pulled the shield back against his wrist, and swung it wrist-mounted-dagger-style at the blade titan, slicing off one of the shoulder armor pieces. Shyke jumped back, avoiding another attack from the Golden Guardian’s shield. Suddenly the Golden Guardian fell flat on its face into the sand, and Kye looked over at the power level reading. The bar had suddenly dropped to zero. He flipped on the emergency energy, powered by a small source of Magnetized Oroniate. He spoke into the microphone and said, “Dad, I think the power just conked out.” His father rushed over to the downed battle machine, and with the help of the Blade Titan they managed to roll it over. Kye pushed open the cockpit’s door, and jumped out onto the ground. He walked over to his father, who was examining the solar panel on the shield. He said, “The solar panel shattered and then fried the battery when you used the shield as a blade, it couldn’t handle that much stress. We’ll have to either find another place to put the solar panel, or just have to make sure it isn’t used as a blade again.” Suddenly a voice was heard over the speakers, “The Golden City is under attack! Chronoids are attacking the western gate!” Kye’s eyes widened and he said, “Western Gate, that’s only a little ways from here!” Suddenly he looked up, two massive battle machines coated with thick black and dark yellow paint flew over the top of the wall to his right, aiming their cannons at Kye and his father…

Chapter 2

The Arena

Kye stared up at the two giant battle machines that had just jumped over the edge of the arena wall. He had seen these before very often. They were Iron Condors, lightly-armored Chronoid battle machines designed for flight and air attacks. The Chronoids were a strange species of reptile-humanoids. They had thick black skin and menacing yellow eyes. Though at first glance they may appear to be dumb witless animals, they were very intelligent and were formidable opponents in combat. The Blade Titan aimed its six-barrel laser cannon up at the two Iron Condors, firing several rounds at them. One of them took to the air, firing laser shots down at the Blade Titan. The other landed on the ground, folding its wings in front of it and using them as temporary shields, firing shots from its lasers. Kye and his father dove behind the Golden Guardian, using it as cover. Shyke kneeled behind the Golden Guardian as well, firing another barrage of laser shots at the Iron Condor that had landed. Kye suddenly realized that the Golden Guardian still had the emergency power, enough to stand up and maybe fire some shots, he jumped into the cockpit. The Golden Guardian stood up, and Kye held up the shield as defense. He fired both of his warhead missiles at the flying robot, hitting one of its wings and causing it to hurtle down and crash into the sand of the arena. Kye looked at the power level indicator, “8%” That’s about enough to fire the rocket launcher. He aimed his cannon arm at the remaining Iron Condor, and fired his rocket. The Iron Condor tried to dodge, and just barely avoided getting hit directly in the cockpit, but its cannon arm was blown off. The Reptile hissed, grabbing its fallen comrade from the cockpit of the downed Iron Condor, and jumped into the air, flying away in full retreat. The Golden Guardian shuddered, then it fell on its back in the sand. Kye pressed the emergency release and the cockpit unlocked, with a little effort he pried the heavy glass-plastic alloy windshield open. His father rushed over to him, a giant grin on his face, “That was amazing son, with only the extra 10% of emergency power; you managed to defeat two Iron Condors!” Kye gave his father a smile, then turned to face the sky, “They’ll be back, they weren’t expecting the Golden Guardian, but now that they know what kind of power we have, they’ll attack in larger force next time.” Kye and his father, with the help of Shyke, brought the Golden Guardian back to the laboratory for repairs and modifications. Kye’s father began drilling a hole in the back of the body of the battle machine, trying to find a good place to put a third solar panel. Kye walked down the street back towards, his house, when suddenly a there was a tap on his shoulder. He turned to see Ilana (pronounced Ill-hanna), the leader of the Golden City aerial force, and the pilot of the Sky Guardian. She smiled at him and said, “So I heard about your battle with those two Iron Condors today; that was pretty amazing, considering you were limited to only 10% of your energy.” Kye blushed and said, “Aw shucks, it was no biggy, I’m sure if I hadn’t done it Shyke would have been able to take them out in a few minutes.” She said, “You underestimate yourself, in fact, Shyke is pretty mad that you were able to beat his record, he’s never taken down two Iron Condors in such little time.” Kye shuddered; it was not a good thing to make Shyke mad. The guy had a terrible temper, and was rarely outmatched, and for a reason. His father had been the founder of the Golden City defense force, and had always pushed Shyke to the limits, wanting his son to follow in his footsteps as the leader of the city’s defense. He said, “Well, I’m sure they just weren’t expecting an attack from me, and they were too focused on Shyke to notice.” Before Ilana could contradict him, Kye said, “I had better get home, my mom will be wondering where I am.” And he bolted home. Kye walked up the steps to his house, and opened the front door, a note was on the front table, it read, “Getting food, be back in an hour, don’t forget to do your chores.” Kye frowned; He hated doing his chores, his mother had him do the worst ones around the house, like cleaning up after the dogs and cleaning the bathroom. He trudged up to his room, and grabbed his journal,

Helped dad with testing the Golden Guardian today. We discovered way to magnify light into a solar panel and double the possible amount of energy.

We accidentally fried the battery by shattering the solar panel and causing it to short circuit. Also battled the Chronoids today, and defeated two Iron Condors all by myself.

Kye closed his journal, and then walked back down the stairs to do his chores…

Chapter 3

Death from Above

Kye’s eyes opened and he sat up, it had been a week since the attack by the two Iron Condors, and since then his dad had almost perfected the solar power source concept. He rushed down the stairs and ran out the front door. Today there was a scheduled arena battle. It would be between Shyke and his Blade Titan against Mace and his Cyclone Defender. Although it was obvious Shyke would be the victor, people still came to watch the fight, and it was good training for the pilots to prepare them for the real battles to come. Kye reached the arena in a few minutes, and he ran through the crowd of people in an attempt to get a good seat before the battle started. He sat down in the second row, and watched as Shyke swung the shield of the Blade Titan, practicing the finishing blow. Mace walked out from his own gate, and aimed his blaster carefully, shooting at a target several yards away; he unloaded an entire thirty rounds on the target, and never missed the bullseye. After his clip ran out, Mace pulled another from the Cyclone Defender’s belt and switched it with the empty one. A voice came over the speaker and said, “Pilots, are you ready?!” Shyke just growled over his speaker, and Mace said, “Ready.” The speaker crackled, then said, “Three, Two, One, FIGHT!” Shyke seemed to use his normal strategy; he rushed forward, firing several rounds at the Cyclone Defender. Unlike the Blade Titan, the Cyclone Defender was built for speed and to get through small spaces. Mace dove to the right, using his shield for defense and firing several rounds over the top of his shield. Every single one of them hit the Blade Titan, but its armor was too thick, and was barely scratched by the shots. Shyke smiled and rushed forward, preparing to finish Mace off, but Mace was not one to give up that easily. The Cyclone Defender dove forward, slipping between the Blade Titan’s legs, and fired a few rounds into the Titan’s back. Shyke whirled around, but the Blade Titan shuddered from the damage done by the Cyclone Defender. Mace aimed his blaster up at the Blade Titan, aiming for the cockpit, but Shyke wasn’t done yet. He took a big step forward, swinging his shield and hitting the Cyclone Defender from the side. Mace flew to the left, landing in a heap in the sand, and Shyke swung his blade downwards. Mace spoke through the Cyclone Defender speakers and said, “Alright, I concede.” Shyke smiled and pulled back his shield, waving it in the air in victory. Several people cheered, but Kye wasn’t among them. Kye had hoped that Mace might win this match, and he had done better than before by managing to get a solid hit in, but the Blade Titan’s armor was extremely thick and there were only a few hard-to-reach places where its armor was weak enough to penetrate the actual circuitry. Kye waited, and suddenly a voice over the speaker said, “We have another challenger, Ilana has agreed to battle Shyke as well!” The crowd gasped, Ilana rarely challenged the others to battles, she was an ace pilot, but didn’t mind being second to Shyke. The gate where the Cyclone Defender had come from slid open again, and a medium-sized white, blue, and yellow battle machine silently slipped from the darkness of the gate. It walked onto the sandy arena, its yellow Electro Sword glinting in the sunlight. Its movement almost seemed to be one long continuous motion, the Sky Guardian never paused in its steps, didn’t even pause while it lifted into the air. Shyke lowered his shield and stopped cheering from his victory, his triumphant smile turned into a silent glaring stare as he looked at the Sky Guardian. The voice on the loudspeaker shouted, “Pilots, are you ready?” The Sky Guardian waved its free arm in the air, and several of the fans in the audience cheered. Shyke once again grunted over his speaker, quietly saying, “You’re asking for it.” Ilana lowered her hand, and the loudspeaker crackled once more, then it said, “Three, Two, One, FIGHT!” Shyke ran forward, shouting his battle cry as he fired round after round at the Sky Guardian, but none of them even came close. The Sky Guardian weaved through the air with swift gentle movements. Ilana aimed her sphere canon at the Blade Titan, firing a shot at it. The neon green ball of energy whizzed through the air, striking the Blade Titan head on. Shyke was knocked right off his feet and flew backwards, hitting the wall of the arena. Even though the Arena was made of thick concrete, the wall cracked a little at the force and weight of the Blade Titan. Shyke got back on his feet, using the Blade Titan’s shield to protect the battle machine’s midsection. Another Energy Sphere materialized in the Sky Guardian’s rifle, and Ilana aimed it towards the Blade Titan. Shyke dove to the left, continuing to hold his shield in front of him, and fired a barrage of blasts at the Sky Guardian. Ilana dodged them with ease, and fired her energy sphere at the Blade Titan. The sphere struck the Blade Titan shield, not causing damage, but had enough force to cause Shyke to lose his footing. Ilana fired one of her missiles at the Blade Titan. The armor gave way and the Blade Titan’s shield arm fell to its side; But Shyke still wasn’t finished. He fired all four of his missile pods up at the Sky Guardian, finally landing a single hit between the three of them, knocking it slightly off balance. Shyke used this opportunity to get back on his feet. Yet another energy sphere materialized in the Sky Guardian’s rifle, and it zoomed down towards the Blade Titan. The Blade Titan flew backwards, and Ilana spoke over the Sky Guardian’s loudspeakers, “Come on Shyke, you can’t win, concede.” The Blade Titan shuddered, then got back on its feet again, and Shyke said over the radio in a voice half filled with rage, “Over my dead body!” and he fired another barrage of shots up at the Sky Guardian. Ilana rolled her eyes, and then zoomed down towards the Blade Titan. Shyke fired more shots, but Ilana weaved back and forth, dodging every single one of them. She dove right at the Blade Titan, and swung her charged Electro Sword right at the cannon arm, slicing through the tough armor and severing its wires. The arm fell from the Blade Titan, and Shyke said, “I’m not finished yet!” Ilana rolled her eyes again, and said, “You’re out of weapons, you’ve used your missile pods, and both of your battle machine’s arms are damaged to the extent that they don’t work anymore, you’re out of options.” Shyke screamed his battle cry and threw his battle machine right at the Sky Guardian, but Ilana dodged the attack, leaving the Blade Titan writhing in the sand. Ilana waved her free arm in the air, and the crowd cheered. Kye smiled as he thought, “It’s a good thing somebody finally put Shyke in his place.” Kye went with the rest of the crowd to go congratulate Ilana, but while he did, a strange rumbling sound could be heard just barely outside the city…

Chapter 4

Attack from Below

Suddenly there was a flash, and a huge storm of dust was kicked up all around the arena, Kye held his hands to his face as sand swirled through the air and into his eyes. The dust slowly settled, and everyone stared down into the arena. Suddenly three green and chrome black battle machines emerged from a hole that had appeared in the middle of arena. Kye’s eyes widened as he whispered, “Shadow Crawlers!” Shadow Crawlers were one of the Chronoids most powerful battle machines, they each had three legs, and were specially designed to be able to travel on any terrain; they could climb up walls, and even hang upsidedown from ceilings, making them lethal in combat, and worst of all, they were fast. Before the Sky Guardian could even get airborne, the shadow crawlers rushed forward, and one of them pinned the Sky Guardian to the wall. The other two Shadow Crawlers climbed spider-style up the walls of the arena, making their way into the crowds. Kye bolted for the exit, running down the street at top speed. He rounded the corner leading to his father’s laboratory, and ran all the way up the steps. He didn’t even pause to get the ok from the secretary. He shoved past two people leaving the elevator, and slammed his hand down on the button to his father’s laboratory. (Insert Elevator Music Here!) He nearly found himself prying open the doors of the elevator as they slid open, and he ran into the room yelling, “The city is under attack! Dad, we need to get the Golden Guardian out there!” His father turned and said, “Son, I can’t, I almost completely took apart the Golden Guardian last night to make some adjustments, it’d take several hours to get it back together!” Kye’s face turned pale, and he said, “If we don’t find some way to get it back together fast, the whole city is doomed!” His father turned to him and said, “Well, there is one other battle machine, but it’s a prototype, I’m not sure how well it will do in combat.” Kye said, “We don’t have another option, show me where it is!” His father led him into another room of the laboratory, and pointed at a medium-sized orange and red battle machine. It had two large hands, and strapped to its back were two pistols similar to the ones the Cyclone Defender used. His father turned to him and said, “I call it, the Chronoid Crusher.” Kye shimmied his way up the leg and pulled himself into the cockpit, then he said, “Alright, I’m going to power up!” His father nodded and gave him a thumbs up. Kye pressed a large orange button to his right, and the battle machine whirred to life. Kye took a wobbly step forward. The battle machine was a lot more sensitive to movement then the Golden Guardian. He pulled back one of its arms and grabbed one of the blasters strapped to the battle machine’s back, he pulled it out from its holster and aimed it at the wall, firing a shot, the blast zoomed and hit the wall, but didn’t do damage because of the specially designed concrete walls. He noticed how fast the blasts went, it took less than a millisecond for the blast to reach the wall. He noticed a button that read, “Activate hover system.” He was about to press it but his father said, “No, wait. The propulsion system is still in testing, that will fry the battle machine.” Kye moved the battle machine towards the larger elevator shaft designed for moving battle machines to ground level. He stepped in, and his father pressed the button to move the battle machine upwards. They exited from a large round glass-plastic alloy tube and Kye aimed the battle machine’s arm around. Suddenly he looked up, two Iron Condors zoomed overhead, he aimed his blaster at them, shooting one right out of the sky. The other turned and dove right at him. Kye swerved to the left, grabbing the Iron Condor by one of its wings and swinging it around in a circle. After gaining some momentum, he hurled it diagonally to the left, sending it soaring over the edge of the Golden City, and the edge of the mountain. Kye turned and rushed towards the arena, hoping he wasn’t too late to save Shyke and Ilana. He jumped over the edge of the arena wall, landing in the middle of the arena, kicking up another dust storm. When the dust had settled, he saw Mace in the Cyclone Defender, battling for his life against one of the Shadow Crawlers. Ilana was pinned to the wall still, and all four of the Sky Guardian’s wings had been ripped off. Shyke was screaming from inside the cockpit of the Blade Titan as the third shadow crawler began to rip its way through the cockpit windshield. Kye ran towards the Blade Titan, pulling his second blaster off the Chronoid Crusher’s back and firing both blasters at the Shadow Crawler pinning Shyke. The Shadow Crawler flew backwards, but regained its footing in a matter of seconds. Shyke got the Blade Titan back on its feet and ran towards the gate, escaping the field. Kye watched him leave and almost said, “Coward.” But realized that the Blade Titan wasn’t able to even fight, and in a situation like that he would have probably tried to escape as well rather than be killed. Suddenly he turned around and was attacked by two of the Shadow Crawlers at once, the one that had been pinning Ilana had left the Sky Guardian on the ground motionless, and the one that he had just blasted backwards had recovered quickly. He put the Chronoid Crusher’s blasters back on the battle machine’s back, and used the battle machine’s hands for defense. He grabbed one of the shadow crawlers, holding it up against his midsection and using it as a temporary shield. The other Shadow Crawler didn’t seem to even care that it was hitting its comrade, and continued firing at Kye, doing severe damage to the Shadow Crawler he had in his hand. Kye threw the Shadow Crawler across the arena, and it landed in a motionless heap on the ground. He dove for the second one, but it evaded his attack and pinned him to the ground, using its mandibles to begin sawing though the cockpit. Kye screamed as the blades broke through, inching their way to Kye’s head…

Chapter 5

Chronoid Invasion

Suddenly the Shadow Crawler flew off of him, and Kye looked up, Shyke had emerged again from the gate, firing several blasts from his cannon arm, apparently the mechanics had managed to get it back on, but the shield arm was still limp at his side. Shyke screamed his battle cry, running towards the Shadow Crawler and firing several fatal shots through the weak cockpit armor. They both turned towards the last Shadow Crawler, which had pinned Mace to the ground and was about to rip through the cockpit. Shyke and Kye rushed at it in unison, firing multiple blasts from their cannons. The Shadow Crawler tried to avoid them, but wasn’t able to evade all the blasts, and the Chronoid screamed in pain as it was dealt a fatal blast to the head. The Cyclone Defender stood back up again, firing another shot into the Shadow Crawler, just to make sure it would stay down. All three of them turned towards the Sky Guardian, which was still lying motionless on the other side of the field, Kye rushed over to it, and stared into the cockpit. Kye spoke through the battle machine’s loudspeakers and said, “She’s unconscious!” Shyke and Mace ran towards him. Suddenly they all turned to look up at the sky. An army of at least twenty Iron Condors were gliding across the sky, led by a larger Iron Condor with four arms and two long red wings. It wielded two arms with Rocket Launchers, and had a sniper rifle in the third hand. The fourth appeared to form a sort of blade-shield weapon. Mace said, “I’ll get her out of here, you defend the city!” Kye and Shyke nodded, and the Cyclone Defender ran towards the gate with the unconscious Ilana in its free arm. Shyke aimed his cannon arm up at the Iron Condors, firing several rounds at them. The flying battle machines dodged all the rounds, swerving back and forth in almost the same pattern Ilana used. Kye said, “We need to get into a position that forces them to land, we can’t fight them while they have space to evade our shots!” Shyke shook his head and said, “No, we can take them!” Kye said, “Stop being so stubborn; we need to work as a team or the city will fall!” Shyke said, “No! I can defeat them!” He rushed forward, firing round after round into the black cloud of moving death. He managed to shoot down one of them, but they all flew towards him, several of them firing their rockets at him, Shyke yelled his last battle cry as the rockets struck the Blade Titan, shattering the cockpit and killing the pilot. Kye almost felt sorry for him, but then realized it had been his own choice. Kye moved backwards towards the gate, luring the Iron Condors onto the ground. He fired several rounds from his blaster and destroyed two of the battle machines. He continued walking backwards into the tunnel.

Mace rushed down the street in the Cyclone Defender, he rounded the corner and stopped at a small building with the word, “Doctor” written over the top of it. He jumped out of the battle machine and rushed up to the front door, and banged on it. A man came to the door and his eyes widened as he saw Ilana unconscious in Mace’s arms. He took her from Mace and rushed her up the stairs into a room with an operating table.

Kye ran round the corner of the street in the Chronoid Crusher, milliseconds later four Iron Condors rounded the corner, hot on his tail. He jumped into the air, doing a 360 and blasting one of them in the midsection, causing it to fall to the ground. The other three Iron Condors launched themselves into the air, firing several laser shots at Kye. Kye turned and led them down a thin alleyway, one that would be too skinny for the Chronoids to follow in the air. They landed and followed him on foot through the alleyway. Kye silently congratulated himself, they had fallen for it. He aimed upwards, firing a single shot up at a suspended walkway hanging over the Iron Condors. The platform fell, crushing two of the Iron Condors, the third just barely avoided being crushed. Kye aimed his blaster, firing another two shots at the Chronoid pilot, dealing a fatal wound to its chest. The Chronoid Crusher emerged again from the alley, and Kye looked around, scanning the sky for the other Iron Condors. The leader of the Chronoids had ordered only the four Iron Condors to pursue him, and had led the others in the other direction, towards the eastern side of the town. Kye guessed they were searching for his father’s lab, and rushed off in that direction.

Ilana sat up on the operating table, shaking her head back and forth and saying, “Where, where am I?” The doctor stepped back from her and said, “You’re in the home of Doctor Leo Schmitt, and you’ve been through quite the ordeal, you almost died.” Ilana said, “Where’re Kye and Shyke?” The doctor spoke to her and said, “I’m not sure, but somebody by the name of Mace brought you here, then he said he needed to continue helping the others.” Ilana jumped off the operating table, then cried out in pain as she held her ribs. The doctor helped her lay back down on the bed and said, “Now hold on, you’ve been through a lot, you need to rest!” Ilana said, “But, I need to-” Before she could continue she began to feel the world spin, and she fell back into unconsciousness.

Kye turned the corner and looked at the tube that had been used to transport the Chronoid Crusher back to the surface. Its doors had been smashed, and the control panel that controlled which level the elevator went to had clearly been hotwired. Kye forced the doors open a little wider, then the Chronoid Crusher jumped off into the dark abyss to the laboratory. The Chronoid Crusher hit the ground with such force that it caused the floor to crack. Kye switched on the battle machine’s night vision and stared around. The room was pitch black, except for a damaged cable on the other side of the room that was shooting sparks out. Kye suddenly spotted something. He rushed over to the motionless form of a person. He picked it up, and screamed at the top of his lungs in anger, it was his father…

Chapter 6

The End is Near

Mace aimed the Cyclone Defender’s blaster at an Iron Condor that was hovering a few feet away on the edge of the arena. It hadn’t noticed him, and Mace fired a shot at it. The Chronoid pilot screeched, and then the jet black and yellow battle machine fell from the sky, landing in a heap in the sand. Mace stepped out from the gate, and scanned the sky for more Iron Condors. Suddenly, he turned to his left and was knocked off his feet, and he flew backwards into the wall of the arena. The leader of the Chronoids hovered a few yards away, with eight of the twelve remaining Iron Condors behind him. The other four Iron Condors flew towards him, preparing to finish him off.

The leader of the Chronoids turned as he heard a loud crash to his left. The dust slowly settled, and he saw a red and orange battle machine standing on the far side of the arena, it was the Chronoid Crusher. Kye aimed one of his cannons up at the sky, blasting four of the Iron Condors with extreme accuracy. The four Iron Condors that had been attacking the Cyclone Defender raised their heads, turning to attack Kye. Kye’s anger only grew when he saw that the cockpit of the Cyclone Defender had been shattered, and its pilot was dead. Kye ran towards the four Iron Condors, pulling something off of his back, it was made of gold and platinum, and as the Chronoids looked closer they recognized it as the shield of the Golden Guardian, the battle machine that had singlehandedly defeated two of their Iron Condors in seconds. Kye ran towards them, swinging the blade to and fro, slicing through two more of the Iron Condors. Kye aimed his blaster and shot down another Iron Condor, finishing off the fourth one with a quick slash from the Golden Guardian’s shield. Kye aimed his blaster up at the sky, firing several shots at the leader of the Chronoids. The red Iron Condor zoomed down towards him, firing both of its rockets at him. Kye leaped into the air, avoiding both of the rockets and swinging his shield at the battle machine, cleanly slicing through both of its rocket arms. He landed back on the ground, locked in shield-to-shield combat with the Chronoid leader’s blade-shield arm. Suddenly the other four Iron Condors flew at him from behind, and Kye was knocked off his feet by them. He jumped back on his feet, holding the shield up for defense against the five Iron Condors as they closed in on him. Suddenly Kye heard a familiar battle cry, and turned to his left to see the Sky Guardian get back on its feet on the other side of the arena. The blue battle machine aimed its rifle arm at the Iron Condors, shooting down two of them. Kye rushed forward, using the shield as a blade again and slicing through the armor of the remaining two Iron Condors. Kye locked eyes with the leader of the Chronoids, the only one remaining. The red Iron Condor jumped into the air, and the Chronoid screeched as it flew away. Kye aimed his blaster in an attempt to hit it, but it was already too far away. Suddenly, his eyes widened as an energy sphere zoomed through the air, and the red Iron Condor fell from the sky, hurtling downwards over the edge of the mountain. He turned to look at the Sky Guardian, which had fallen to the ground again. He rushed over to it and let out his breath as he saw that the pilot, Ilana, was still alive. He helped her out of the cockpit and said, “We did it, we defeated the Chronoids for good.” Ilana gave a small smile, but then she said, “But not without our own casualties.” The two of them stared around at the two dead forms of Shyke and Mace. Kye picked up Ilana with the Chronoid Crusher’s free arm and carried her back to the Doctor’s house…


The End of the Beginning

After Ilana regained her strength, she and Kye surveyed the city, everyone except the two of them and Dr. Schmitt had apparently died in the attack. With the help of Ilana, Kye managed to repair the battle machines, and Ilana suggested that they lock them up in the Golden Tower. They managed to do this, and set up what we now know are code bricks around the town, with codes that unlock certain battle machines in the city. Kye then used a piece of his father’s technology to cloak the Golden City from view, and he, along with Doctor Schmitt and Ilana, left the city. Kye chose to take the Chronoid Crusher with him, and traveled down the side of the mountain, and his current whereabouts are unknown. Ilana and Dr. Schmitt chose to build a small village on the side of the mountain, founding the group now known as exo-force. Ilana went on to have many children, and even grandchildren. One of her grandchildren grew up to be the current leader of exo-force. Today you may have heard of him, his name is…Sensei Keiken.

To Be Continued in: Exo-Force Book 3: Peace Origins

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