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Released in June 2012

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The Beginning

You may expect this story to be about the days when the robots lived at peace with the humans, but those stories are simple and boring. No, this book tells the tale of peace after the dreaded robots were forced into the deep pit between the two halves of the mountain known as the Gorge. This is the tale telling the story of how the robots recovered in the Gorge, and how the humans managed to defend their home against the robots, even though we, the humans, only had simple mining vehicles. It is a tale of many deaths, a tale of near defeat, a tale of sacrifices that resulted in the survival of humanity as we know it. I am Sensei Keiken, and this is my tale…

Chapter 1


They say humanity is always striving for the future. They always are looking to construct new things that will better the world and make things easier. Easier, I thought to myself, if that were only true. I had started that day off by getting up and doing my usual tasks, eating, reading, and then heading down the mountain to mine for precious materials, though the day had turned into a mess soon after I reached the mining operation inside a cave built off the side of the Cyrid Bridge. I knew something was wrong when one of my friends, Mitch, had gone down a shaft. He and I had created a signal to indicate when one of us should pull the other up, we would tug twice to come up slowly, or three times to come up faster, in case of a flood or a cave in. But something strange had happened, I had just let Mitch down, and almost immediately after he had reached the bottom, he had tugged four times. Then the rope loosened. I pulled it up as quickly as I could, but when I pulled up the end, the rope was much shorter than before. It had been cut. Protocol said to get another team mate and carefully do a search, but these circumstances were different. Protocol was designed in case of a flood or cave in, but this had been no such accident, this had been intentional. I grabbed my own rope, as well as a pickaxe and my flashlight, but I wisely shut it off to avoid notice. I quietly repelled myself down the shaft, and when I began to near the bottom, my eyes widened in shock, which grew into fear. Robots! My mind raced as I thought of the day about six months ago, when I myself had helped send the robots over the edge of the mountain, into the deep pit below known as the Gorge. I had been much responsible for the robots creation, and had personally been put in charge of the programming of the robot prototype, Meca One. But I had been so eager to create a robot that had intelligence to lead an army, that I hadn’t created a failsafe in case the robots had rebelled, and I and the other humans had paid dearly for this. I screamed mentally at the robots, there was no way Mitch had survived against the robots down there without any sort of weapons to defend himself. I clamped the end of my rope into the wall with a piton, and climbed my way back up the shaft. Immediately I ran towards our crew chief and said, “Robots have entered the cave below us sir!” At that time there were only about five of us in the cave, including myself and Mitch. The crew chief said, “Go get the others, I’m going to radio base, we have to warn the others!” I turned to him and said, “Sir, I’m sure the robots have figured out a way to either jam or signals or tap into them, or even both!” The crew chief said, “We’ll have to risk it, we can’t let the robots gain the advantage of surprise, even if it means costing us the advantage of surprise.” I slowly nodded in agreement, then ran down the tunnel to get the others. The other two miners, Spar and Gyr nearly jumped ten feet when they heard me tell them what had happened, but they both grabbed their tools and said they would fight to the death to protect the rest of the population. They soon would end up giving their lives to protect the other humans. I ran back down the tunnel with the others behind me, and nearly gave ourselves away as we rounded the corner. I froze, and held my arms up to block Spar and Gyr from following me. My eyes filled with terror as I saw what was before me. The crew chief lay on the floor motionless, with a slash mark running down the side of his face. Before my eyes I saw seven robots, plus an eighth emerging from the shaft I had just gone down moments before. But that wasn’t what struck fear into my heart, it was the robot at the head of the group. He stood slightly taller than the rest, and his armor was layered in a distinctive coat of Gold. “Meca One.” I said under my breath…

Chapter 2


I stood there, peeking around the corner as Meca One spoke, “The humans stood no chance against us, they have no formidable weapons, which means they will not be able to defeat us. Onward my minions!” Spar and Gyr sat listening as well, and as soon as the robots were out of ear shot Gyr said, “We have to beat them to the village, but we won’t stand a chance!” Spar’s eyes narrowed and he said, “I know how we can beat them there.” I turned to him and said, “How?” His voice was filled with determination as he said, “I can distract them while you and Gyr sneak past through the other tunnel, get to the hover shuttle, and get back to the base as fast as you can.” I looked at him and said, “But, there has to be another way!” Spar shook his head and said, “No, and we need to go now, or else the robots will spot you before you can get away.” I looked at him, trying to think of some way to talk him out of this, but then I realized that he had already made his decision, and he was right, if we didn’t go now it would be too late. I gave him a slight nod and said, “For the others.” He nodded back and ran down the tunnel towards the robots, as he did, I whispered, “You will be remembered for ages to come.” Gyr and I ran down the other tunnel, emerging slightly above where the robots would soon emerge from. I heard a battle cry and the sound of a pickaxe meeting the steel armor of a Devastator. I ran as fast as I could towards an orange vehicle nearby. I jumped into the driver seat and Gyr sat down in the passenger side. I pressed an orange button to my left and the vehicle lifted off the ground. It quickly rose into the air. I couldn’t help but look back as we flew away, and I saw a figure fly through the air and hurtle over the edge of the bridge. I looked back in front of me, my eyes filling with tears.

Several minutes later we landed on a pad in the outskirts of the Sentai Village. We ran down the street towards the town hall. I burst through the doors and shouted hoarsely, “Robots- Robots
are – in the mines.” I stared at the two men seated at a round table in the middle of the room. Both of them just stared back at me with their eyes wide open, looking at me as if I was insane and had yelled something in another language. Suddenly a third man walked into the room from a door to my left. His eyes widened and he ran over to me, catching me as I fell from exhaustion. He looked at me as I said, “Robots are in the mines, they’re coming for us…” My eyes began to shake back and forth, and then everything went black.

I shot up in my bed, and I said, “Robots! They’re coming!” The man that had caught me before I had passed out walked over to me from the other side of the room, he said, “I know, we’ve already deployed our defensive forces to stop them.” I said, “Then you must be Tarik, the person in charge of the city defense force, but you don’t understand! They have weapons; the defense forces will be defeated with ease!” Tarik looked at me and said, “What kind of weapons?” I began to calm down a little and said, “The mining vehicles they used before they were forced off the mountain, they’ve rebuilt them with high-powered cannons and other weapons, the human defense force won’t be able to defeat them while on foot!” Tarik said, “Then what will defeat them?” I began to speak and said, “We can-” I stopped in mid-sentence, and thoughts ran through my mind as I tried to think of some way we could possibly defeat the robots. My eyes began to widen again, and I felt a chill go down my spine as I finished my sentence, “-can’t win.” I felt the world close in around me, and I slipped back into unconsciousness.

Chapter 3

Ambush and Defeat

Siv sat in the driver’s seat of one of the small defensive vehicles designed by the humans. It was one of three small prototype hovercraft known as “Exo-Force”. The vehicle had a single cannon on the front that was manned by the gunner who sat in the passenger seat. Siv stared at the cave in front of him. The robots would be coming out of this cave, they had to cross the Cyrid Bridge and travel across and up through another cave to reach the bridge they were on. The next few moments felt as if they happened in slow motion. The first thing Siv heard wasn’t where he expected it to come from. It was the sound of a hovercraft being knocked out of the sky behind him. He turned around and watched a scene unfold before his eyes. It took him almost a minute to realize what had destroyed the first hovercraft, and that’s about all the time he had to live. He watched as a strange armored vehicle flew at him from the side. He swerved through the air, barely evading the oncoming vehicle. He suddenly realized it was a Vulture Drone, one of the mining vehicles the robots had used to dig through the tough stone in the caves below. Except this vehicle had thicker armor, and instead of a drill on its right arm there was a massive gasoline tank that had a flame-thrower attached to it. He fired his cannon at the vehicle, but his shots barely did any damage, both of its arms were still intact, and all he managed to do was cause it to miss hitting him a second time. The landed on the bridge unbalanced by the blasts, but as he watched in horror it got back up again and launched a missile at him. Thoughts flashed through his mind, there was no escape, he couldn’t dodge, and he wasn’t above the bridge anymore, so he couldn’t jump. He screamed and he held his hands in front of his face as the hovercraft was blown out of the sky.

Keiken sat in the passenger’s side of the small hover vehicle he had used to escape the mines, he stared downwards at a bridge three down from the one he was on, he watched as all three of the human hovercraft were destroyed by the swarm of Vulture Drones. He turned his eyes away as the helpless group of humans on the ground armed simply with hand blasters and thinly armored vests were annihilated by the heavily armed robots. The pilot, Tarik, and Gyr, who was sitting in the back, stared down and watched in awestruck silence at the battle. After a few moments he said, “We don’t stand a chance!” Keiken said, “We have to evacuate the villagers and get them to somewhere safe!” Tarik said, “But where? There’s no place nearby that has enough space and materials to build shelter for such a large group of people!” Suddenly a thought popped into his mind, “My mother told me that her mother, my grandmother, once lived in a massive Golden City high above the one we live in now, but she left it because everyone there was killed by a strange race of creatures known as the Chronoids, everyone except her and a man named Kye. But it’s just a myth, and it’s not a secret that my grandmother is a little crazy.” Tarik said, “It’s a gamble, but we haven’t got many other options.” Keiken nodded and then said, “Get everyone in the village up to the highest bridge you can, at least it will slow down the robots from reaching us. Gyr and I, and any of the survivors of the defense force will stay and stall the robots for as long as we can.” Tarik landed on the bridge below them and Keiken and Gyr jumped out. As Tarik began to lift of the ground again, he said to Keiken, “Good luck to your and Gyr.” Keiken nodded and said, “To you as well.” Tarik flew off towards the village, and Keiken and Gyr began to work their way down towards the Vulture Drones…

Chapter 4


Keiken and Gyr landed on the bridge above the ones the robots were on. Keiken peeked over the edge and tried his best to count the number of robots, “I see four Vulture Drones, and around ten ground units.” Gyr looked over at the other side of the bridge and pointed, “Look, over there.” Keiken turned and his eyes widened, a Fury Digger was emerging from the cave, along with Meca One and two other ground units. Keiken said, “We have to try and beat them, the rest of the village is counting on us!” Gyr looked Keiken in the eye and said, “I don’t have a problem with trying, I have a problem with failing. That Fury Digger has a new sort of cannon and I would rather not have my head blown off by it.” Keiken said, “I have an idea, remember how we kept a couple Vulture Drones in the mines just in case we hit some harder rock?” Gyr nodded and said, “We might be able to use them, they haven’t got the new flamethrowers or rockets like these ones do, but it’s definitely better then fighting on foot.” Keiken nodded and he said, “Then let’s go, those robots will be coming up to this bridge soon.” Gyr and Keiken entered the cave to their left and repelled down a shaft leading into the cave they had been in that morning. Keiken scanned the room, making sure there were no robots still inside the mine, and then ran towards a heavy steel-plated door at the other side of the cave. He slipped his key into the lock and said, “Good thing this door hasn’t been upgraded to the new password tech, or the robots would have probably been able to hack into it.” The door creaked open, and Keiken flipped a light switch. Several ceiling lights came on, and two massive mining vehicles were lit up to the left of the room. But Keiken’s eyes were not on the Vulture Drones, they were on what was to the other side of the room. A massive vehicle, painted black with green designs on it, sat on the right side of the room. Keiken walked over to it, as he got closer, he saw that it had two massive arms attached to it. One of them had a drill on it, but the other was what interested him, the other arm had a large cylinder-shaped piece of metal on it, it appeared to be some sort of laser. He pressed a button on a keyboard nearby and the monitor in front of it lit up. On it was a document, it read…

File: 32245BW

Project: Bridge Walker 1.0-1.7

Goal: To design and build a vehicle that will be much stronger and far more capable at mining then the Fury Digger.

Summary of most recent update: After our failed attempt with version 1.6, we’ve decided to use two power cores to power the vehicle, since 1.6 wasn’t strong enough to power the laser without draining almost 80% of the energy after a fully-powered single shot. Now with the second power core it can fire a shot from the laser and only use about 40%, or even 25% if the power from the second core is rerouted into the laser arm.

Keiken was amazed, this vehicle had never been shown to him, and he was surprised that it was kept down here instead of in the labs further up, then he realized it was probably because of its slow speed, they would never be able to transport such a thing in one piece all the way down to the mines after its completion. He climbed into the cockpit of the vehicle and said to Gyr, “This thing is designed to be more powerful than the Fury Digger, I think with this we might have a chance to defeat the robots!” He pressed an orange button to his left, and the text popped up on the screen, it read, “Please select number of pilots.” And there were three buttons labeled: 1 Pilot, 2 Pilots, 3 Pilots. He said, “Gyr, this thing is designed to be able to be manually operated by a single pilot, but it can have more pilots in the gunner seats to allow more accuracy.” Gyr climbed up into the arm that had the laser on it and said, “The Drill won’t be able to do much, I’ll pilot the laser arm.” Keiken selected the button that said ‘2 Pilots’. Another screen of text came up, reading, “Please select which arm is to be manually piloted.” He pressed the button for the laser arm, then the vehicle turned on. Lights came on all over the vehicle, and the two power core cables that came around to each arm lit up. Keiken slowly eased down on the two joysticks to his left and right, and the vehicle moved forward. He walked towards the door, and realized it would be too small to get through. He let go of the two joysticks, and grabbed another joystick to his left that was further forward that controlled the drill arm. He turned it towards the wall, and activated the drill. The wall exploded in a cloud of dust, and the Bridge Walker went through…

Chapter 5

Casualties of War

Meca One laughed metallically at the scene before him. All three of the human defense hovercraft had gone down even faster than he had expected, though it was logically because they had the element of surprise. He held his arm up to his mouth and spoke into it, and his voice was broadcasted through the Thunder Fury’s speakers. “Status report.” One of the devastators that had accompanied him said, “We lost two ground units, and one of the Fire Vultures had its engine damaged, but only enough to make it unable to fly.” Meca One almost wished he had motors installed in his mouth so that he could smile; he hadn’t even lost a tenth of his troops, and he had already annihilated the entire human defense force, this was going to be easy. He continued speaking into his arm, “Robots, we have defeated the humans defenses, those of you with me now will be the first to witness the enslavement of the humans!” The Robots cheered, and Meca One said, “Onward my minions, for today we take the human’s base!” But before any of the robots could get farther than a few yards, there was a loud crash on the other side of the bridge. Meca One’s eyes zoomed in towards the cave on the other side. A large vehicle had emerged from it, and it was getting closer. He saw a human seated in the cockpit, he recognized him and said, “Keiken, my creator, I have become so much more then you ever thought I would, exceeding even your own knowledge, today you will fall with the rest of the humans, and the mountain will be ours for the taking!” Keiken narrowed his eyes at Meca One and said, “Stand Down Meca One Unit Version 13.4!” Meca One just cackled and said, “I am not stopped that easily, your pathetic excuse for a safeguard was removed long ago by me.” Meca One pointed at the Bridge Walker and said, “Robots, attack!” The three Fire Vultures that could still fly jumped into the air and flew towards the Bridge Walker. Keiken let go of the joystick for the vehicle’s feet and grabbed onto the controller for the drill arm, he swung it upwards, activating it against one of the Fire Vultures, and the vehicle’s legs shattered against the Bridge Walker’s drill. The Fire Vulture, now off balance and with no way to move up and down at a steady pace, flew out of control and spiraled down towards where it had emerged from, the gorge. The other two Fire Vultures swarmed around the head of the Bridge Walker, slashing at the cockpit with their claws. Gyr swung the laser arm around and fired two low-powered shots at the Fire Vultures. One shot missed, but the other struck home and sent one of the Fire Vultures crashing down towards the ground, where it burst into a flaming heap of metal. The other Fire Vulture zoomed back, flying around behind the Bridge Walker and forcing Keiken to turn it around. Gyr aimed again, and fired a high-powered shot at the Fire Vulture. It tried to dodge, but the blast was too wide and hit the vehicle’s engine, causing it to spiral downwards towards the gorge. The ground units ran towards the Bridge Walker, but Gyr easily blasted them with a few low-powered shots. Keiken stared at the power level, only 30% left, just enough for a single full-powered blast from the laser.

Meca One looked up at the towering Bridge Walker, all of his ground units were destroyed, and all that remained was the damaged Fire Vulture and the Thunder Fury, he had no idea how much power that human vehicle had left, but if it could fire any more shots from its laser, he would be at the mercy of the humans; he logically decided on a tactical retreat, for himself at least. He jumped up into the cockpit of the Fire Vulture, pushing the Devastator out and saying, “You must defeat the humans!” The Devastator looked surprised, it calculated that it would not be able to defeat the human vehicle, but his leader had commanded him to stay, and his processor was far superior to his own, so he nodded and said, “I will defeat them commander!”

Suddenly Keiken’s eyes were yanked from the screen as the whole Bridge Walker shook. He looked up and saw the Fury Digger aiming its smoking cannon arm at them. He said, “Gyr, we have just enough power left to fire one more full-powered shot from the laser, then this thing is out of juice!” Gyr nodded and turned the cannon arm towards the Thunder Fury. Just as he was about to fire it, the Thunder Fury fired another shot from its cannon arm, Keiken held his hands up to his face as it hit the Bridge Walker, causing the laser arm to explode. Keiken yelled, “NO!” The Thunder Fury prepared to fire another shot. Keiken’s mind raced, “Without the laser arm, I don’t stand a chance at defeating that thing, I can’t win!” Then an idea came into his head; every mining vehicle had a special antenna on it: If hit in the right place would cause the mech to eject its power core, but the robots would surely have removed this feature. But as he looked at the Fury Digger, he saw the antenna sticking up right above the cockpit, if he could somehow hit it, the mech would eject its power core, and he would be able to destroy it. But how could he hit it? His eyes turned back towards the Fury Digger, he stepped to the left as another blast zoomed past him. He had better figure out something fast, he was almost out of power…

Chapter 6


Another blast zoomed past, destroying the Bridge Walker’s drill arm, leaving it with just its main body and legs. Keiken knew he had to move quickly; he wouldn’t have enough power to hit the Fury Digger with the Bridge Walker, but he might be able to cause a surge of power that would destroy it if he got close enough. He pushed down hard on the two joysticks, and the Bridge Walker lurched forward towards the Fury Digger. As he got closer suddenly another idea popped into his head, he could set the Bridge Walker to explode, sending it and the Fury Digger plummeting down into the Gorge, but would he be able to get out before it fell? Even if he didn’t, Keiken knew it would be a sacrifice he must make to save the rest of the village. He reached the Fury Digger in about ten seconds. The robot aimed its cannon arm up at the larger vehicle, preparing to finish Keiken off. Keiken put one hand on a cable that when pulled, would cause the vehicle to explode, and his other hand on the eject button. He would have to time it just right, the cable was only about ten inches long; giving him less than half a minute to get out of range of the robot; and that was if it worked. He hit the eject button, and pulled the cord out, praying that it would work. He flew up into the air, and stared downwards as the Devastator inside the Fury Digger stared up at him, confused. Suddenly the entire bridge lit up in a massive array of lights. Sparks flew everywhere as the huge limbless walker exploded. But Keiken couldn’t celebrate for long, he may have survived step one, but he watched in horror as the entire bridge collapsed downwards into the gorge; he had no solid ground to land on! He looked upwards, he only had one chance. He braced his body against the ejected cockpit seat, and threw himself upwards towards the Mechara Bridge above him. He grabbed onto the edge of the bridge with one hand, just barely managing to hold on. He stared downwards as the cockpit fell downwards towards the burning mass that had once been known as the Cyrid Bridge. He pulled himself up onto the Mechara Bridge, falling backwards on his back and just panting over the mess he had just barely lived through. After what seemed like hours of thinking about the event that had just happened, he began walking towards the cave entrance. He had to tell the others what had happened…


A New Era

After making his way back to the base, Keiken found that the humans had already left. He took a hovercraft and made his way up the mountain, and found the human villagers about halfway up the mountain. He told them that Gyr had given his life up to save the villagers, and that he had just barely survived, but the robots had been defeated. The humans returned to their base and celebrated. Though the war wasn’t over yet; Keiken lead a team of engineers in constructing a special defense force to fight off the robots in case they ever returned again, and it proved useful. The robots attacked the humans again, taking over the southern half of the mountains, and would have taken over the entire mountain if it weren’t for Keiken’s defense force. Because of the Exo-skeletal design of these battle machines and for the previous name used for the prototype hovercraft that were used by the humans, he nicknamed these new vehicles, Exo-Force Battle Machines.

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