Venom I
Venom I Information
Affiliation Robots
Armor 9 inches Tenatium
Power Source Unknown
Weapons Twin Warheads
Destroyer Disc Launcher
Gatling Laser Cannon
Double-Barrel Laser Cannon
Cockpit-mounted Lasers
Pilot Meca One (Clone)
Status Destroyed
Location Under a pile of rubble in the Robot Fortress

The Venom I is a heavily armed battle machine piloted by Meca One.



The Venom I charges across Tenchii Bridge

It was unveiled in the Robots' fortress and was destroyed there by Hikaru and Ha-Ya-To when they landed on and crushed it with their battle machines in the Assault on Robot H.Q.


Venom I is based off the Thunder Fury, only with heavier armament, including a destroyer disc launcher and two missiles. Though it's similar to the Thunder Fury, its structure is weaker, and though it has heavy weapon design, its legs aren't reinforced to handle the weight, meaning it's very slow at moving around, which is the key reason it was defeated so quickly (it couldn't get out of the way fast enough when Ha-Ya-To and Hikaru crashed through the ceiling).

Set Information

Pic60EB9DB93682DAF3922757E1F382CB57-1VenomI as a Set

Venom I in the Set.

  • Year Released: 2006
    • Price: $100 USD (with Sentai Fortress)
    • Apx value if sold separately: $15 USD
  • Item Number: 7709
  • Pieces: Venom I is included with the Sentai Fortress

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