Venom Walker, by David White

Venom Walker
Venom Walkers
Venom Walker Information
Affiliation Robots
Armor 0.5 inches Steel
Power Source Large battery
Weapons Tail Blaster
Spiked legs and Claws
Pilot Autonomous
Status Destroyed or Unknown
Location Various Locations

The Venom Walker is a small walking robot-size creature; it's under debate whether it's a Battle Machine, or a Robot. it has the attributes of a Robot, but is almost as large as a small Battle Machine.

Though they were only seen in the Striking Venom Attack, it's very possible they lived on during the Golden City and Deep Jungle Eras, due to them being pilots as well as battle machines. This is also likely due to their spider-style design they would be able to travel in the Deep Jungle Era better then Iron Drones or Devastators on foot.

The Devastator minifigure components of the Venom Walker are lacking legs and hands (and at that the arms are attached differently), adding to the confusion of its class as a Battle Machine or its own unique type of Robot different from other Devastators. Had these components been included (attached or not), the Venom Walker would be considered a Battle Machine piloted by a Devastator.

The Venom Walker is only available with the Sentai Fortress set.

Set Information

  • Released: 2006
  • Item Number: 7709
  • Alternate Model: Blightrunner
  • Pieces: 1448 (Sentai Fortress)
  • Price: $100 USD (with the Sentai Fortress)
  • Apx value if sold seperatly: $3 USD


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