"Boy it feels to get out of the Gate Defender and into a battle machine with some real air-speed like the White Lightning."
―Ha-Ya-To [src]
White Lightning
White Lightning Comic.png
White Lightning Information
Affiliation Humans
Armor 1.5 inches Intractium (3 inches around cockpit)
Power Source Unknown
Weapons Gatling Laser Cannons
Electro-Disruptor Disc launcher (Energy Disc Launcher)
Double-Barrel Laser Cannon
Pilot Ha-Ya-To, others
Status In use
Location Golden City

The White Lightning was a semi-mass-produced air battle machine, and was Ha-Ya-To's second battle machine. It is not powered by a power core, but more likely a rechargeable battery or a gasoline-type formula. It is designed for speed and supporting larger battle machines rather than being used as a single unit, since most of it's energy is used to power its jets. Ha-Ya-To piloted one of them, though there was at least one more as shown during the move to the Golden City.


When his Gate Defender was badly damaged in a robot battle, Ha-Ya-To took advantage of the time to test a new prototype support battle machine, the White Lightning.

While flying around with his White Lightning, Tech informed him of a blip on the radar showing a large battle machine on one of the secondary bridges, and Ha-Ya-To was sent to investigate. When he reached the bridge he encountered the Bridge Walker, which attempted to stop Ha-Ya-To from relaying information back to base. Because the White Lightning was designed for speed, Ha-Ya-To was unable to use firepower to take the larger battle machine down, and instead was forced to use The Bridge Walker's dual power core design against it, causing it to overload and fall off the bridge.

Ha-Ya-To, together with some Gate Defenders, used the White Lightning to finish off a malfunctioning Bridge Walker left in the aftermath of the Striking Venom Attack

When the Golden City was discovered by Takeshi, Hikaru and Ryo, several White Lightnings led civilians and all the Exo-Force personnel up to it. Once the army of Golden Guardians was discovered, the secondary members of the Exo-Force team began favoring them over the White Lightnings, causing them to be phased out and deactivated.

The White Lightning as a Set

Set Information

A gatling laser cannon mounted on the White Lightning

  • Released: 2006
  • Price: $50 USD (with Bridge Walker) or B.W.1
  • Apx value if sold seperatly: $10 USD
  • Item Number: 7713
  • Alternative Model: Fire Eagle
  • Pieces: 144 alone: And 657 with the Bridge Walker



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